SPS Gulf : SharePoint 2013 Cloud Business App


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  • More Visual.More fast.Hard to track type of device. New expectation and new way of work.More important for dev now to realized Big old gird no any more.Task orientated and dashboard staff.
  • Developer start up
  • SPS Gulf : SharePoint 2013 Cloud Business App

    1. 1. SharePoint Saturday Gulf Saturday, April 12th ,2014 Live Online #SPSGulf Our Sponsors:
    2. 2. Usama Wahab Khan Sr. Solution Architect , Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, Microsoft Technical Community Leader, Microsoft Certified Trained ,MCPD ,MCTS , MCTIP. For SharePoint and .NET /Azure Dev Saturday UAE
    3. 3. Today’s business app • Any device, anywhere, anytime • New discovery channels • New ways of working • Redefined expectations for apps • Familiar Social experience • Build Supper Quick Apps. • Multiple Data Sources. • Create Multiple Screens for all Devices. • Use Workflow with Cloud Business App. • Essay debugging. • Field Validation. Visual Studio 2013 introduces a new project template for Office 365 Cloud Business App to enable developers to quickly build modern business applications that can integrate with and extend the Office 365 platform experience. The Cloud Business App template provides a rich set of tools and built-in functionality that make it easy to work with data and leverage Office 365 services such as identity and social.
    4. 4. Overview of the Cloud App Model • Bring the concept & value of apps to Office & SharePoint • Unified and Cloud Ready • Works on-premises and in O365 • App lifecycle, built in monitoring, telemetry and isolation • Web-standards based • Embraces web technologies including HTML, JavaScript REST/ODATA, OAuth • Build a web app that is connected to Office & SharePoint APIs & services
    5. 5. Office 365 Platform Flexible Tools Documents People | Groups Mail Tasks Calendars REST Web Services
    6. 6. Apps for Office and SharePoint
    7. 7. App App ManifestWeb Page <XML>HTML/CSS/JS
    8. 8. Web Browser Anatomy of an App for SharePoint Manifest REST CSOM OData OData ADO.NET OData, Custom • The provider hosted middle-tier is authenticated with SharePoint via OAuth. • Clients talk to SharePoint via cross-domain calls • Middle-tier can model SharePoint & external data sources
    9. 9. SharePoint Apps & Cloud Business Apps Rapid Application Development over SharePoint
    10. 10. SharePoint & Cloud Business App SharePoint App Service Project HTML5 Responsive Design Client MVC/WebForms
    11. 11. Demo –
    12. 12. Office 365 Cloud Business apps Usama wahab khan
    13. 13. • SAP • Intrinsic Database • SharePoint Document Library • Server Side Defaults • Server Side Filters What did we Cover?
    14. 14. Publishing
    15. 15. Get remote events from SharePoint Use CSOM/REST + OAuth Bring your own server hosting infrastructure Windows Azure + SQL Azure provisioned automatically as apps are installed SharePoint Web Your Hosted Site including Azure SharePoint Web Azure Reuse web elements (lists, out-of-box web parts). Client side technologies and declarative workflows Host web App Web (from WSP)
    16. 16. App Package
    17. 17. Publishing
    18. 18. • Built on the Microsoft Cloud Platform • Designed for the mobile enterprise • Uses the technologies you already know • Aggregates data sources • Business logic that crosses data sources • Focus on productivity • Focus on the unique aspects of your app Summary Keep in Touch Email : usamawahabkhan@gmail.com FB : Usama Wahab Khan Twitter : @usamawahabkhan Yammer : yammer/usamawahabkhan Blog : usamawahabkhan.blogspot.ae
    19. 19. Our Sponsors: SharePoint Saturday Gulf #SPSGulf Thank You!