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Published in: Business, News & Politics
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  1. 1. Students of NIMCJ on a dive to Mumbai for Information andEducation about MediaAhmedabad:-Recently, National Institute of Mass Communication andJournalism had organized an Educational Trip to Mumbai. The Mediaincluded Zee news channel, veer Shivaji serial setup, Saamananewspaper and Prime focus post production.The news editor of Zee News, Ms Nivruti Mohan explained the studentsabout news production process, how news are edited and modelledand how to provide a finishing through graphics, animation with thehelp of available software, how the process of data uplink are done.Students also got an opportunity to view zee news library where theystore all the needed footage that can be helpful in their near future.Next they visited Daily Saamana Newspaper where student wereinformed all about the working structure of saamana newspaper. Hownews is selected according to the policy of the newspaper. How thisnews selection process helps to create a distinction of it’s own in thesemultitude of mass mediums available. Students had an interactivesession with Assistant editor of samna Atul joshi and Chief Editor ofSaamana (Hindi) Prem Shukla, they informed the students about thepolicy of the paper and it’s day to day activities.Nimcj student got an opportunity to visit the sets of Veer Shivaji serial(broadcast on Colors), here the students saw how sets are created andthe various production processes involved in a daily soap. Students hada live experience of the on field work activities of a production house.They even interacted with the serial’s Director, Production Head andlead actor of serial.
  2. 2. Lastly, Nimcj Students visited Prime Focus, which is one of the largestpost production house of India, employing around 7000 mediaprofessionals. Here the students saw the various softwares used topolish a film in terms of sequence matching, color correction, soundcorrection and video effects for it’s final print release.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000