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  1. 1. Arduino Campaign ProjectMarch, 2013RS ComponentsGroup ecommerce
  2. 2. Background What is Arduino? Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. Its intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments. The company moved from selling 200 boards when it started in September 2005 to more than 220.000 pieces up to January 2011. Specialized magazines such as Make and Wired often mention Arduino in their articles. Moreover, newspapers such as the New York Times also discussed Arduino. In particular, “Il Sole 24 Ore” featured Arduino in its list of the ten innovations of the decade, along with Apple, Facebook, Google and Wikipedia. In addition, companies such as Microsoft and Apple use Arduino for prototyping. So do the universities MIT and NYU, among others. RS has been selling Arduino for the past several years and since then has been one of the popular product among the R&D customers. Our plan Arduino plans to launch its latest edition of its development kit in September and they are giving RS an exclusive period offer to sell the product ahead of our competitors. We want to create a big social buzz around the new kit and reinforce our co-branding in order to lead the Electronics community to RS by using a social-media-driven marketing approach as well as RS customized Arduino video tutorials. 2
  3. 3. Campaign Objectives and KPI’sOBJECTIVES• Awareness We want to create awareness (both existing customers and new prospects) and build technical credibility so that RS is recognized as the place to buy the New Arduino Starter Kit and find tutorials on how to use it.• Revenue and Demand Generation Using the advantage of exclusive offer, we want to maximise the sales of Arduino new starter kit as well as the associated products featured in the videos.KPI’s• Awareness (# of video views)• Web traffic• Email lead contacts• Twitter followers• Sales of Arduino kits and other products associated with it 3
  4. 4. TargetsElectronics Community• Students and Teachers• Developers and Designers• EngineersSocial Media Influencers• Influential people within the Electronics Community• BloggersMakers• Any individual with an idea of a project and a desire to make something 4
  5. 5. The offerThe NEW Starter KitThe new Arduino Starter Kit is an educational kit including a open-source electronics prototyping platform based onflexible, easy-to-use hardware and software.Is a kit thought with the precise intent of learning how to use an Arduino and the base of electronic by discovering. Thisgoal is performed asking to the beginner to do some different projects using his Arduino with the different componentscontained in the box.The kit contains a complete list of materials, useful to follow the 10 video tutorials from Massimo Banzi and to startbuilding on your own. RS Stock Number: 761-7355 5
  6. 6. The offerVideo Tutorials • RS & Arduino will produce RS exclusive 10 video tutorials on the use of the latest Arduino kit. • All videos will be featured by Massimo Banzi, creator and a popular icon of Arduino, and will be “RS” branded. • Each video has an innovative theme – using Arduino and what you can do with it. These tutorials are presented in a booklet who show them in order of complexity. Step by step new elements and new knowledge are introduced. • The videos will be posted on YouTube and embedded into RS and DesignSpark websites and will be for worldwide distribution. • 1st and 2nd videos will be launched at the time of campaign go-live and subsequent videos every week to follow (leading to email and social media subscription). Massimo Banzi is already a very Also, try to search for “Arduino” in Youtube and you will find popular icon for Arduino and has thousands of videos created by engineers and hobbyists produced many “viral” videos using showing off their creative gadget they created using Arduino products. Arduino – this tells how popular Arduino is among engineers. 6
  7. 7. Who is Massimo Banzi?About MassimoMassimo Banzi is one of the world’s leading technologists and co-founder of the Arduino project. He is an Interaction Designer,Educator and Open Source Hardware advocate. He hasworked as a consultant for clients such as: Prada, Artemide,Persol, Whirlpool, V&A Museum and Adidas. Massimo is alsothe author of “Getting Started with Arduino” published byO’Reilly. He is a regular contributor to the italian edition ofWired Magazine and Che Futuro, an online magazine aboutinnovation. He currently teaches Interaction Design at SUPSILugano in the south of Switzerland and is a visiting professorat CIID in Copenhagen. Banzi at TED 2012Social Influence• Wired appointed Massimo as one of the ten most influential CEOs of the Web• #17 of the TOP 100 IOT Thinkers 2011 by Postcapes™• More than 6.8K followers on Twitter and creates content that is spread throughout his network and drives discussions• He speaks regularly on the impact of open source communities on innovation and production and has a strong influenceon the topic• His videos are watched by 10,000s of people worldwide• Influence over different segments of the market: teachers, students, developers and even a Senior Editor at CNN 7
  8. 8. Multi-channel Campaign Structure Direct Email PPC Social Media PR Design Spark Advertisement SEO External Traffic Sources Drives trafficHomepage RS Online DS YouTube Arduino Page Arduino Page RS ChannelSearchBrowse(Product Category) Buy & Follow Learn Arduino Watch Arduino Inside RS Online Arduino Traffic Source RS Online LineLevel Arduino page 8
  9. 9. RS Online Arduino Campaign Page (Buy & Follow Arduino)The Arduino Campaign Page will work asa Arduino portal during the campaignperiod with the main objective toencourage people to buy Arduinoproducts and related ones.Revenue GenerationThere will be a link to the product (to thenew starter kit) and also a link to therelated products, which will be basicallythe accessories used by Massimo Banzion the videos and other related products.AwarenessIt will show all the videos available with aspecial space to the latest videolaunched for people to follow thetutorials.Lead GenerationThere will also be a form for people tosubscribe to our e-mail program in orderto generate new leads and a twitter feedwith a special #tag in order to capture allthe buzz generated by our campaign. 9
  10. 10. DesignSpark Arduino Page (Learn Arduino)The DS page for Arduinowill be a Design Centrewith the objective toenhance/facilitate thesocial conversation aboutArduino and to provideknowledge of how to use itin a structure similar to theRaspberry Pi page( will show technical info,documentation available,the tutorial videos andmore resources.Revenue GenerationThere will be a link to theline level page. 10
  11. 11. YouTube RS Customized Channel (Watch Arduino)The YouTube channel will bewhere the videos are uploaded,but with some other features. Itwill have 3 different tabs:Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Shop.AwarenessIt will hold all the videos availablewith a dedicated space to thelatest video launched. It will alsohave a tweeter feed to capturethe buzz.Lead GenerationThe “More Arduino Videos” redbutton will lead to the RSCampaign page and we alsohave the subscribe option forYouTube followers.Revenue GenerationThere will be banners to promotethe Arduino new kit and productsrelated and a SHOP tab with themost popular products related toArduino and Raspberry Pi. 11
  12. 12. Communications PlanSocial-Driven Campaign First time in the history of RS Marketing that we are launching an embracing campaign at such intensity, with a special focus on social activities: Social Media Digital PR EmailObjectives: To drive traffic to the RS Objectives: To generate coverage of the Objectives: To drive traffic to the RSCampaign page and increase the follow campaign within influential outlets of the campaign page and build a relationshipbase of the RS Electronics Twitter make community by spreading the with new subscribers to the program.account in Arduino enthusiasts. content of videos and produce a WoM (Word of Mouth) effect focusing on "smart Activity: 2 emails:Activity: Twitter messages with the aim comment“. 1. Dedicated Arduino e-mail to our entireto: database.- Generate awareness of the campaign Activity: We expect to involve at least 20 bloggers and 3 major outlets through a 2. Program: weekly e-mail for those who- Create interest about each video outreach activity. subscribe on our Campaign page to- Update customers about the kit inform of new video launch- Share parts used in each video Outreach Mix: Influencers and Young Engineers who blog. Strategy:- Build relationships with the campaign’s - Invite people to visit our page, to watchevangelists Strategy: the videos and to subscribe to the - Activate the influencers into providing Arduino e-mail program.Strategy: Messages with informal tone of - Update and communicate of new video feedback on the videos and showing offvoice and a friendly and flexible approach "smartness“. launches, send more info about Arduino - Activate students/Young bloggers into and encourage to buy Arduino productsAccounts: and related articles. showing off their technical creations.Main: @RSElectronics | @DesignSparkSecondary: Europe/ApacTBD: @Alliedelec 12
  13. 13. Campaign Launch:2nd of October, 2012 13
  14. 14. Campaign Delivery: RS Website  More than 230,000 sessions generated from external traffic: YouTube, Twitter, PPC, Google Display Banner and Email...  563,667 Campaign page views 14
  15. 15. Campaign Delivery: Social Media YouTube Activity  55,650 visits to our YouTube channel  2,283 new subscribers, which represents a 613% increase 15
  16. 16. Campaign Delivery: Social Media Twitter Activity  2,244 new Twitter followers, representing a 14% increase The campaign generated 39.1K clicks on tweets (links, accounts and hashtags) 203 influencers (40+ klout) engaged with the campaign on Twitter 16
  17. 17. Campaign Delivery: Link Building with Influencers• 37 Arduino Starter kits sent to influencers and bloggers around the world inviting them to try the new product and talk about our video tutorials, and leading people to our YouTube channel.• Weve reached a more than 30 posts worldwide with medium and high ranked influencers:
  18. 18. Campaign Delivery: Email Program  3,094 contacts subscribed to our e-mail program  The emails registered an Unique Open Rate of 56,30% and Unique CTR of 36,59% 18
  19. 19. Campaign Delivery: Digital Advertisement Activity Impressions Clicks CTR Search Ads 3,121,861 57,985 1.86% Display banners 43,905,457 139,702 0.32%Search CTR is very very good for social campaigns like this where people are looking for information therefore they prefer non commercial links. The CTR of 0.32% for Display activities (GDN and Youtube) is excellent as well! The average CTR of Display campaigns is normally below 0.15%. 19
  20. 20. Campaign Delivery: SEO and PR Circulation  RS Website on the first page of the Google seach results 20
  21. 21. Campaign ResultsAwareness 361,819 video views... 229% over the objective of 110,000 viewsRevenue Generation Total revenue of £ 671, 334... More than 640% over the objective More than 3,000 units of the Arduino starter kit sold in a total of £ 198,219 Sales of £ 473,115 from Arduino related products and accessories A 47% uplift of the old Arduino offer compared to previous year Campaign Launch