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talented Mr. Gerrit Jan Konijnenberg
to UROS team.
UROS brand
UROS babies
and websites freshen up.
Plenty of grea...
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Goodspeed - Year in review 2015


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2015 was an equally eventful and action-packed year for Goodspeed. Launching more powerful device, re-energizing the team with new CEO and extending our coverage further were the major highlights this year. Here's 2015 in retrospect [Infographic].

Published in: Technology
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Goodspeed - Year in review 2015

  1. 1. IN REVIEW talented Mr. Gerrit Jan Konijnenberg to UROS team. UROS brand UROS babies and websites freshen up. Plenty of great reviews Exhibitions Shortlistings Contributed total by the end of the year and counting. MF900 co-developed with, and manufac- tured by China’s largest listed telecoms equipment company ZTE. 4G we rocked. Year 2015 new destinations added mobile hotspot17 77 5 Israel, Netherlands, Baltics, New Zealand, African countries.. Welcoming CEO, 2 2 2 destinations 5 - s t a r product review by Connect, a German technology maga- zine. Goodspeed is a great product and connecting is very easy. When you come off a plane, you just click a button and you’re ready.. Our CIO data costs went from 1000€ per month to less than 200€, and Good- speed manages the SIM cards so we don’t have to worry about any of that. The Uros Goodspeed MF900 is a solid product for businesses who travel frequently and need secure, reliable connectivity.. image cutest little things! and respected publications. from our users Goodspeed 4G mobile hotspot shortlisted for the ‘Best LTE Roaming Product’ at the LTE Asia Awards and LTE North America Awards. global roaming researches conducted by Juniper and Rocco. Profiled as one of the leading players across the roaming value chain. Be the first to offer a solution against bill shock with us!Uni-fi Roaming Solutions Check out &