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Urbano seminar bupa-craig mccoy


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Presentation by Craig McCoy, HR Director of Bupa, at the Urbano People networking breakfast on April 26th 2012, for those in HR, recruitment and related sectors.

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Urbano seminar bupa-craig mccoy

  1. 1. HR’s ROLE IN TRANSFORMINGBUPA’S BUSINESSCraig McCoyBupa Health & Wellbeing UK26.04.12 1
  2. 2. Craig McCoy • HR Director Bupa Health & Wellbeing July 2010 • Interim Group HRD Jersey Telecom Spring 2010 • Interim Group HRD 2ergo PLC 2009 • HR Director EMEA Aegis Media 2005 – 2009 • HR Director BT Major Business 2003 – 2005 • Group HR Director BSkyB 2000 - 2003 • HR Director UK&I Compaq Computer 1997 – 2000 • HR Director Datastream 1992 - 1997 2
  3. 3. What I am going to cover today:-Back ground re BupaBusiness challengesChanging customer perception – from Insurer to Healthcare PartnerIntroduction of the Business Partner Model within HREngaging with and involving our peopleHealthy life plans for our employees – showcasing our proposition internallyImpact on Bupa performanceQuestions 3
  4. 4. Bupa – Established in the UK in 1947 and is now a global brand Revenue Circa £8b Head count Circa 53,000 Offices 15 countries 4
  5. 5. Bupa – BHW – Based in the UKRevenue Circa £1.7bHead Circa 3,500countOffices Salford Quays and Staines (6th largest Private Sector employer in Greater Manchester).Market NO 1 in UK PMI, circaposition 40% 5
  6. 6. Bupa Business Challenges•Diversifying business – exited hospitals and lifeassurance, grown internationally. More than just an insurancecompany!•More aggressive competition in the market•More integrated products with flexible choice and pricing•Mature product lifecycle business•Restructure to reduce operating costs•Rising costs of medical treatment in our supply chain•Accelerate technology enablement – e.g. eCommerce•Enhance strategic sales capability 6
  7. 7. BHW 2011 TransformationThe Bupa Health and Wellbeing (BHW) strategy is to create a differentiatedhealthcare business, offering a portfolio of healthcare products and services, tomeet the needs of individuals through their life stages and businesses throughtheir business lifecycle, to become their healthcare partner.‘Helping you find Healthy’ 7
  8. 8. HR Service Model – Why Change?Move away from traditional, functional HR modelNeed for business partnering across BHW leadership and within HR team‘One face to the customer’/single point of accountabilityJob enrichment – broader, more multi-skilled and commercial rolesBetter career developmentNew roles and new challenges for manyMore cost-effective and efficient 8
  9. 9. Developing Business Partnering Capability • Ongoing programme of skills development (9 months) • Training in business partnering (not just for business partners!) • Business – based project work is an integral part • ‘Action learning quads’ - balance learning from:- team colleagues along with external facilitators • Team building, transition, handoff points between ‘centres of excellence’ and HR Business Partners 10
  10. 10. Employee Engagement Events 11
  11. 11. Leadership Support Events Challenging commercial business simulation spread across two days, giving the leadership community the opportunity to stretch, test and explore leadership capability against the Winning Behaviours and identify their own development areas. A series of experiential activities designed to allow leaders to practice the BHW Winning Behaviours in action 400 Leaders Attended LSE Self reflection, peer feedback and Winning behaviours- facilitator observation after each linked to BHW Strategic Vision leader led exercise which fed into •We deliver on our promises individual Personal Action plans •We strive for excellence •We embrace change •We support and challenge each other •We own and resolve issues •We are passionate and enthusiastic 12
  12. 12. BHW Healthy Life Plans On site clinical services (GP, Physiotherapy, Occ. Health) On site weight management clubs On site gym facilities On site health assessments On-line goal planning and behavioural change tools EAP services (Finance, Legal, Counselling & Dependant Support) Health Coaching (beginning with smoking cessation) Nutritional labelling in on site restaurants Annualised support of tactical initiatives through Health & Wellbeing Activists Communication plan to bring benefits to life Increase / encourage participation in 2011 and beyond 13
  13. 13. Internal Communications VehiclesOne Voice magazineBupaLivee-DistributionConferenceAir & ShareLunch ‘n’ Learne-InductionDigital newslettersPoster campaignsRoadshowsDesk dropsWeb surveys SOPCommunication Activists 14
  14. 14. Performance management and bonus approachIn combination, the performance and bonus approaches are designed to inform objective setting from a business and an individual perspectiveThe review of the performance management process for all managers in the Group Bonus Scheme Approach and Key Changes• Establish a common set of principles - with a  Objective Setting • To support Bupa’s ambition of HCP we propose • The rating scale applies to each factor Rating Scale two factor objective setting and rating scale 2 factors (A and B) for objectives (all managers • It aims to recalibrate performance, where a 5 is truly exceptional and• Encourage and reward the setting and in the Group Bonus scheme) exceeding of stretching targets - by raising the a 3 is good bar • Factor A – delivering operational • The what and the how is embedded in the scale• Encourage differentiation - recalibrating 3 as performance: The focus is on delivering • The likely comparison to peers and the competitive market is called good, with the very highest achieving 3 rated excellent operational performance for the out to support calibration, fair differentiation and reward employees eligible to receive 100% bonus business in the near term (including all• Allow managers to manage - where each BU is commercial objectives regardless of time-scale) awarded a bonus ‘pool’ and broad guidelines. 5 - Exceptional 4 - Outstanding 3 - Good 2 - Inconsistent 1 - Poor • Factor B – building a better Bupa: The focus Within these, the BU MD should identify the best is on building a strong business for the future, Significantly above Well above performance and Consistently achieving or Achieves in some areas, Not meeting performance or performance and behavioural expectations above performance and although overall behavioural expectations way to spend the bonus pool for maximum increasing capability, delivering continuous behavioural expectations behavioural expectations inconsistently meeting return improvement and strengthening Bupa overall. performance or behavioural expectations• Be flexible enough to support internal moves and retention of key staff - allowing bonuses to Factor B objectives should begin with Delivers exceptional Delivers outstanding results results against stretching against stretching objectives Delivers good results against Achieves objectives in some Unacceptable performance areas although not all / against objectives be awarded to employees who have a) moved considering the business unit 3YP, and then objectives stretching objectives achieves most objectives although they are not into under-performing business units or b) have work across boundaries to build a better Bupa stretching Likely to be at the top when Poor when compared to peers demonstrated outstanding performance in their • The suggested form is simple, and aims to Likely to be at the very top compared to peers and Likely to be a core and key Likely to be inconsistently and against the competitive when compared to peers against the competitive contributor when compared achieving when compared to market part of the business, which is not reflected in the encourage the manager and employee to have a and against the market to peers and against the peers and against the totality rich discussion competitive market competitive market competitive market• The year end rating will be Year End Rating  Bonus Proposals • The guidelines for bonus awards are as outlined in the table below calculated by adding • Factor A – delivering operational performance for the business – is the lead rating in deciding where in 5 6 7 8 9 10 Building a better Bupa together the 1-5 ratings for the bonus range to place an individual each factor• On both factors, 4 5 6 7 8 9 Factor B Year end behavioural considerations 2 3 4 appraisal rating must be taken into account 3 4 5 6 7 8 5 6 7 5 6 6 7 7 7 8 8 8 9 9 10 when coming up with the final rating 2 3 4 5 6 7 Suggested bonus range (% of adjusted target) Nil 0 - 50% 50% - 100% 90% - 115% 110% - 130% 130% - 140% 150%• The final rating will inform the bonus decision and 1 2 3 4 5 6 individuals will be eligible for • The distribution of ratings (and therefore likely bonus distribution) reflects the overall performance of the a bonus if they achieve: 1 2 3 4 5 business- 3 or above in factor A; and Factor A • Whilst bonus awards need to be strictly managed within the allocated BU bonus pools for the year,- 2 or above in factor B Delivering operational performance significant discretion can be used as to the best way to allocate the pot across their teams
  15. 15. Bupa Group 2011 results (announced March 2012) £8bn REVENUE £559m PROFIT 20% 50% GROWTH 4-YEAR GROWTH 16
  16. 16. Thank you. Any questions? 17