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Urbanetectonics LLC 2021 Letter from the Chairperson


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Urbanetectonics LLC 2021 Letter from the Chairperson
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Urbanetectonics LLC 2021 Letter from the Chairperson

  1. 1. Y E A R 2 0 2 1 Greetings to our clients, friends, colleagues, strategic partners, project teams, and advisory board members. We are sending our best for a Happy New Year! 2020. To say that we were taken by surprise is an understatement. The year took us, like many others, through ebs and flows to which we had never seen before. We went from this amazing high of the first quarter to the devastating health concern at the start of the second quarter. The ongoing health concern has presented many problems bringing with it uncertainty, disappointment, empathy, and action. Also, the challenge provided an opportunity for transformation into love, hope, perseverance, and resilience. I can't express in words the impact and to what magnitude this year has had on each us personally, on the family unit, on our regional, national, and global communities. It could be felt from the most micro to the greatest macro parts of every industry. The grief and the pain; the victories and the triumphs. Each validated from experiences far and wide. If you followed us on social media for any amount of time, you may have noticed that we designate the last quarter and the last month to recap, to regroup, and to recast our vision for the upcoming month, quarter, and year. 2021, after 2020, is the most anticipated, the most welcomed, and the most appreciated year to come. We haven't been more grateful to be with loved ones, doing what we love, and solving problems where ever we might find ourselves. We stayed committed to serving. Taking care of ourselves, pouring into others, and putting to the forefront those things that are the most important in this life. A LETTER FROM THE CHAIRPERSON
  2. 2. Y E A R 2 0 2 1 In 2019, we shared five initiatives for 2020. Despite great adversity, we were able to sustain and make small advances on each one. So we are happy to report our firm was web-based and prepare prior to the health concern, to deliver service product, on-boarding, training, and operational support digitally and online. As such, we found ourselves maintaining and preserving as we coasted through this moment of lamentations. Our management systems worked well and stood the trying tests and challenges of the pandemic. Which is great news, as owners. It speaks well to the business sustainability, the impact of management systems, and our productized service offering. It provides continued confidence among those who are connected to this effort, in some form or fashion. Thank You for your support to Urbanetectonics, LLC dba The BomaQ Companies. There is a certain dedication you have placed with our organization and your support, participation, input, and feedback as a client, a team member, or by some other role is greatly appreciated. We do not take your loyalty lightly and to show our gratitude, we will periodically inform you of client gifts, discounts, or benefits, throughout the year, that we can or have passed on to YOU as a token of our appreciation. So what's the BUZZ for 2021? New Year's resolutions? Naw, just more management solutions. The big question is with all the uncertainty, what are our goals for the industry divisions within Urbanetectonics, LLC as we transition into 2021? We continue to provide #powerofnext management built upon the continued provision of viable resources, visible expertise, competent service, and quality products demonstrated through ten project types; serviced over twelve industries; delivered by four different organizational teams for Owners, Managers, and Administrators who need quality management solutions. Our first 100 days will shift to our 2021 Quarterly Focus. The Quarterly Focus concentrates on the top industry- specific service and products for each region in Texas and now Ohio. A LETTER FROM THE CHAIRPERSON
  3. 3. Y E A R 2 0 2 1 Top Regional focus: Ohio (New Location) Service: Project Management, Management Consulting 1. Manufacturing: Automotive, Aluminum, Food, Metals, & Products a. Distribution, Warehouse, & Logistics 2. Technology: Digital Transformation, Automation, & Paperless options 3. Business Brokerage: Smart Biz Fax 4. Healthcare: Post-Care Patient Service Centers Top Regional focus: Texas Service: Project Management, Management Consulting 1. Manufacturing: Products, Automotive, & Food a. Distribution, Warehouse, & Logistics 2. Technology: Data, Coding, & Software 3. Business Brokerage: Smart Biz Fax 4. Healthcare: Post-Care Patient Service Centers If you are interested in Urbanetectonics, LLC and/or one of its industry-specific divisions, feel free to make contact using one of the methods outlined on the attached communication resource. Professionally, 12 28 2020 ---------------------------------------------------- -------------------- Tanesha Bokally, Managing Member Date A LETTER FROM THE CHAIRPERSON
  4. 4. Communication is key to our relationship. T E C H N I C A L R E S O U R C E S Y E A R 2 0 2 1 Stay on top of the latest developments at Urbanetectonics, LLC. How do you connect? In addition to email you can Like, Follow, or Join and/or Ask Questions, Submit Comments, or Download Information, from these online platforms: Home Base Website: Website: Website: Team Collaboration Texas Call: 210 549 9115 Ohio Call: 330 539 3972 Video Call: Conference Call: 712.432.3900; Conference code: 878876 Project Insights: Slack: Ryver: Dropbox: Individual Invitation Links The Connection that Brings it All Together Twitter: Business as Usual LinkedIn: Information Station Facebook: Presentations R Us Slideshare: Share a Moment Instagram: Vision Boards Pinterest: