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Service and Products: Virtual Manager Card


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Service and Products: Virtual Manager Card

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Service and Products: Virtual Manager Card

  1. 1. • THE POWER OF THE NEXT • MANAGEMENT CONSULTING DRIVEN. VIGOROUS. RESULTS. Urbanetectonics, LLC dba The BomaQ Companies. All rights reserved. Proposal Copyright 2017 725 FM 1103 #133 Cibolo, Texas 78108 Phone and Fax 1 855 383 8056 RESULTS. VIGOROUS. DRIVEN.
  2. 2. RESULTS. VIGOROUS. DRIVEN. Section IV Products and Services
  3. 3. Service Descriptions – Management Consulting __________________________ Our full service management consulting firm, The BomaQ Companies, serves as a (SPOC) single point of contact for Owners, Managers, and Administrators in need of virtual, periodic, or temporary (QMS) Quality Management Solution, System, or Tool. Virtual Manager Card We built a support platform that will provide a unique management solution that is diversified and flexible. Benefits of membership included with an annual card subscription include: •52 Mgmt Consultant Hours •Outsource Assistance •Access to KUBE resource library •Access to Podcast Experts •One on One Virtual Classes •Access to Case Studies •Access to Biz Support Group •Support Group Materials