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Service and Products: Company Profile


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Service and Products: Company Profile

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Service and Products: Company Profile

  1. 1. • THE POWER OF THE NEXT • MANAGEMENT CONSULTING DRIVEN. VIGOROUS. RESULTS. Urbanetectonics, LLC dba The BomaQ Companies. All rights reserved. Proposal Copyright 2015 725 FM 1103 #133 Cibolo, Texas 78108 Phone 1 210 549 9115 RESULTS. VIGOROUS. DRIVEN.
  2. 2. RESULTS. VIGOROUS. DRIVEN. Section III Company Profile
  3. 3. Business Description_________________________________________________ The BomaQ Companies are a consulting firm that focuses on owners, managers, and administrators, and the implementation of effective and efficient management systems applicable to the core and non-core areas of corporate identities, small business ventures, trade organizations, educational institutions, non-profit entities, and governmental agencies. We must not, in trying to think about how we can make a big difference, ignore the small daily differences we can make to unlock "The Power of The Next" in our organizational constructs. The "Next" chapter of our vision, strategic goals, and company mission await. We team with our clients to create the means for efficient and sustainable growth that lead our clients to successfully maintaining their cutting edge in their respective markets. Our collective teams organized with the promise of value propositions that add noticeable difference, present power solutions, implement reliable strategies, reasonable goals, and attainable objectives. Following our trusted approach transforms the undervalued management into business leaders with long-term success and a continued commitment to value creation throughout their organizations. Take advantage of our operational professionalism and our ability to increase productivity. We want you to succeed.
  4. 4. History of Firm______________________________________________________ Urbanetectonics, LLC established in 2004 based out of Atlanta, Georgia found its humble beginnings in project management for architectural firms. In 2006, the firm added construction management to its services for property owners. In 2009, Urbanetectonics, LLC restructured and began doing business as The BomaQ Companies offering a management consultant service and products. The firm established a presence in Oklahoma City through trade names UT2 Design and BomaQ Construction in 2011 offering non-licensed design and contracting services. Following acquired skill sets and translatable talents in entrepreneurship, company efforts have produced products to compliment the management service within designated industries and domain at a higher level, resulting in management divisions in multi-media, hospitality, design, construction, technology, business, and education. In 2015, Urbanetectonics, LLC dba The BomaQ Companies moved its operations from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Atlanta, Georgia. We are now based out of San Antonio, Texas and its surrounding areas. Urbanetectonics, LLC dba The BomaQ Companies has been legally formed since 2004 and has over 35 years of combined experience that spans to 10 key project types, across 12 industries, and through 4 organizational team types.
  5. 5. Building Owner Manager and Administrator Quality Mission Acronym_____________________________________________________ How?_________________________________________________________________ By introducing effective and efficient standardized management systems Where?_______________________________________________________________ Where there is disorder, disruption, transition, inconsistencies, overload, or other project management issues. Business to Business Clients____________________________________________ Owners who have filed their legal structure with the Secretary of State, who could have a EIN number, who could be an employer, who provide an awesome service or product, and who have administrative authority to make decisions. Managers who are employees, who have administrative authority to make decisions, who oversee a team, and manage the business on behalf of a for profit owner. Administrators who are employees, who have administrative authority to make decisions, who oversee a team, and manage the business on behalf of a not for profit entity, trade organization, or small municipality.