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#powerofnext News Brief Covid19 Response

#powerofnext News Brief Covid19 Response
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#powerofnext News Brief Covid19 Response

  1. 1. Urbanetectonics Response to the COVID19 Pandemic FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 12, 2020 San, Antonio, Texas.: Urbanetectonics discusses their mitigation plans and business response to the COVID19 pandemic. Get ready to be briefed. #powerofnext News Brief. What's the BUZZ? How is Urbanetectonics, LLC dba The BomaQ Companies responding to the COVID19 pandemic. Well, I am glad you asked. #powerofnext management cares about the health and safety of our team members, business partners, clients, independent consultants, subcontractors and suppliers. We care about our residents, local businesses, the communities at large, our nation, and the international world. We care but what can we do? And what have we done? We honor, adhere to, and are compliant with the “Stay at Home” orders issued in most of the major Counties and Cities that we do business in. We encourage the washing of hands, social distancing, and the wearing of personal protective equipment in public. Most orders have designated businesses that support essential businesses and their functions as also essential. As such, #powerofnext management has pivoted and made adjustments to our service and product offering and fulfillment to lower the potential for an on-site COVID-19 outbreak, to support a healthy business environment, to responsibly manage projects safely, and to continue to support Owner, Manager, and Administrator needs. Fortunately, because of the enormous vision of our productized service offering and our efforts to counter our growth with low working overhead, we have provided management consulting service and products online, digitally, remotely, and at times virtually for a couple of years now. Our firm will still serve Owners, Managers, and Administrators of essential and nonessential businesses who need #management #consulting and core function support primarily by phone, video, and/or during a chat session. If in-person availability is a need for service fulfillment, we will be following the best practices outlined in the CDC guidelines for safe work places, which includes providing hand sanitizer, access
  2. 2. to hand washing locations, social distancing, personal protective equipment, and conducting free-standing outdoor meetings, when possible. Our chart of service and products, updated and posted annually during the end of the first Quarter of the year, will explain per division implemented pivots, how the change impacts the specific industry, and how the change addresses the current health concern. Go to graphic chart of service and products per industry. Using this link: Go to the Urbanetectonics YouTube playlist for the #powerofnext brief. Using this link: The video will give a more detailed explanation and in-depth discussion per division on the implemented pivots, how the changes impact the specific industry, and how the change addresses the current health concern. It explains what we can do and what we have done as a contributor to the solution(s). There isn’t a business that hasn’t been affected by the COVID19 pandemic. The impact is intense. We understand that. Our firm is offering the following concessions during the next 120 days:  30 days free on a Virtual Manager Card,  8 hours free on a Startup Boot Camp session(s),  Free 10 Core Assessments and Virtual Walkthroughs; and  up to a 90-day grace period on all Management Consulting fee payments. In summary, Urbanetectonics, LLC dba The BomaQ Companies is responding to the COVID19 pandemic through a multi-faceted mitigation plan, which can include a revised service and product offering and fulfillment; updated bid information sheet, updated safety plan, more internal protocols, revised on-site rules, additional new-hire pre-screening, and employee self-reporting documentation. The impact to each industry we serve varies and the data is still evolving and changing. We all can share in an understanding of the need for making adjustments to mitigate a COVID-19 outbreak, while continuing to conduct our work and support our clients. Thank you in advance for being gracious, patient, and anticipative as we carry out this effort now and into the upcoming months.
  3. 3. Consider yourself briefed. #powerofnext News Brief. About Urbanetectonics, LLC Urbanetectonics, LLC dba The BomaQ Companies serves as an umbrella for our business efforts in our vertically integrated divisions. For more information about Urbanetectonics, LLC, its divisions, and service offering visit our website at; send an email to: and/or give us a call at 1-210-549-9115.