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2012 01-jenkins-udeploy


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2012 01-jenkins-udeploy

  1. 1. Hudson/Jenkins and uDeploy Continuous integration meets awesome deployment automation Eric Minick Tech Evangelist1
  2. 2. Agenda• Why the integration?• Demo: Configuring the Plugin• Demo: A CI build moves into uDeploy• Demo: Deployment coordination• Q&A2
  3. 3. About Hudson / Jenkins• Open source (MIT) Continuous Integration server• The tool forked in early 20113
  4. 4. Jenkins use in a nutshell• CI tool for developers – Perform builds and early testing automatically to provide rapid feedback about build quality• Some teams treat these builds as “the build” passed to operations teams.4
  5. 5. From CI to CD• Expanding the CI emphasis on quality and automation downstream dev system build UAT sign-off staging prod test test5
  6. 6. Changing deployment needs• Production style deployments – Load balancers, can’t drop tables, downtime windows, etc, etc, etc• Environment aware• Additional security nearer to production• Approvals• Thinking outside the scope of one dev team6
  7. 7. Simple multi-project release pipelineProj_A build dev test system test UAT sign-off staging prodProj_B build dev test system test UAT sign-off staging prodProj_C build dev test system test UAT sign-off staging prod7
  8. 8. But… we release inter-related projectsProj_A build dev test system test Release Sets at “Application” or “System” level. Sign-Proj_B build dev test system test UAT off Staging ProdProj_C build dev test system test8
  9. 9. With team level build, build solution changesProj_A Jenkins 1 dev test system test Release Sets at “Application” or “System” level. Sign-Proj_B Jenkins2 dev test system test UAT off Staging ProdProj_C Team Build dev test system test9
  10. 10. uDeploy handles these scenarios• Integrates with multiple build systems• Provides an Application Model handling multiple projects or “components”• Great integrations with stuff to deploy to10
  11. 11. Our Demo – A simple 3 tier web app devApp Jenkins 1 test dev Sign- Staging ProdDB Jenkins2 test off Team devWeb Build test11
  12. 12. Pet Store Application Model• Components – Projects – Infrastructure• Environments – Target servers – Servers have roles – Env. Specific Config• Processes – Coordinates Component processes12
  13. 13. Demo Time13
  14. 14. uDeploy Platform Technology• Distributed Automation Engine• Automation Integrations (Plugin System)• Deployment Artifact Repository• Inventory• Calendars & Scheduling• Approvals & Work Lists• Package Management System• Configuration Engine14
  15. 15. Other supported build tools include• Hudson• JetBrainsTeamCity• Microsoft Team Build• Cruise Control• Urbancode AnthillPro• Missing your favorite? Let us know.15
  16. 16. UrbanCode’sDevOps Tools• AnthillPro / uBuild: Continuous Integration, Build Pipelines and Build Management• uDeploy: Model driven deployment automation• uCloud: Environment provisioning integrated with existing virtualization (coming soon)16
  17. 17. Q&A Thank You! Eric Minick – eric@urbancode.com17