BC Water Use Reporting Centre Okanagan Pilot: Successful Model for Water Use Management Throughout BC


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BCWWA 2013 Annual Conference Water Resources Series. See video of this presentation at https://vimeo.com/66643832

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BC Water Use Reporting Centre Okanagan Pilot: Successful Model for Water Use Management Throughout BC

  1. 1. BCWWAAnnualConference2013Successful Model forWater Use ManagementThroughout BCJonathan Lowe, P.Engca.linkedin.com/in/jonolowewww.bcwaterusereporting.ca
  2. 2. Michelle Cook, MAScProject ManagerBC Water Use Reporting Centreinfo@bcwaterusereporting.caWater Resource Planner - Urban Systemsoffice 250.762.2517cell 250.215.1774
  3. 3. 3Presentation Outline Background and overview Project highlights Feedback from existing users Reporting centre walk through Case studies
  4. 4. 4Project PartnersMinistry of EnvironmentMinistry of Agriculture and LandsMinistry of Forest, Lands andResource OperationsMinistry of Community, Sport andCultural DevelopmentOkanagan Water PurveyorsNanaimo Water PurveyorsSoftware Developers
  5. 5. 5“Government will require all large water usersto measure and report their water use.”Living Water Smart - British Columbia’s Water Planlivingwatersmart.ca
  6. 6. 6
  7. 7. 7Project OverviewWebsite: www.bcwaterusereporting.ca Online reporting system Improve the accuracy and timeliness of water usage reports Make reporting water use easier for water purveyors Supports XML or CSV data formats Facilitate more frequent reporting Integration with SCADA systems
  8. 8. 8ConsultationwithOkanaganwaterutilities:OBWBdevelopedprojectadvisoryteamConsultationandfeedbackworkshopswithwaterutilitiesandBCministriesDevelopwebbasedsoftwareBeta-testingofsoftwareLaunchofWaterUseReportingCentreOBWBextensionworkwithOkanaganwaterutilities.ExtensionworktohaveusersprintoffprovincialformsBCWaterUseReportingCentreupdatedOutreach&supportthroughBCWaterSupplyAssociation&OkanaganwaterutilitiesProvincialformsupport,introducingnewfeatures2009 2013Project TimelineMarch2011
  9. 9. 9“Reporting water use makes sense. You can’tmanage what you don’t measure.”- Conrad Pryce, Section Head, Water Allocation, B.C. Ministry of Forest, Landsand Natural Resource Operations
  10. 10. 10Top Highlights of the BC Water UseReporting Program• Year 2 of Pilot = success• 16 consistent water utility users• All 3 Okanagan Regional Districts• Prints the provincial annual water systems return form• Enhanced data security• Live basin reservoir map and new reservoir recording
  11. 11. 11Top Highlights of the BC Water UseReporting Program• New water use reports and bar graphs for internal orexternal use• Viewer accounts available• Integration with Supply and Demand Study data available• Media material (brochure, video, new material on OBWBwebsite)• Updated user guide (available on website)
  12. 12. 12Water Utility Users• City of Armstrong• BMID• RDCO (3)• Kaleden Irrigation District• City of Kelowna• RDNO (5)• Okanagan Falls IrrigationDistrict• RDOS (4)• Town of Oliver• District of Peachland• City of Penticton• Skaha Estates• SEKID• District of Summerland• Town of Osoyoos• WFN
  13. 13. 13"It is worth the time to get familiar with the system, as itprovides a convenient and secure location to store the dataand have the ability to trend it once it is loaded, and itmakes it easy to stay on track with the data entry. Overall Iam quite impressed with the usefulness of the system.”– Alistair Wardlaw,District of Summerland,Water Supply Technician
  14. 14. www.bcwaterusereporting.ca
  15. 15. 15
  16. 16. 16<Name>Insert contact details and name of water system.
  17. 17. 17
  18. 18. 18
  19. 19. 19
  20. 20. 20"The BC Water Use Reporting Centre allows utilitiesto provide current water use data and accesshistoric data for trending. And just as importantly,we are able to see what other water utilities in thevalley are extracting, helping us work together andmanage our common water resource.”– Bob Hrasko, Water Supply Association of B.C Vice-Chair and BlackMountain Irrigation District (BMID) Administrator
  21. 21. Generate AnnualWater SystemReturn Form
  22. 22. 22KELOWNA CITY OF All water usage 2009 - 2011cubic meters (m3)Printed Dec 03, 2012 Page 1 of 1
  23. 23. 23BLACK MOUNTAIN IRRIGATION DISTRICT All water usage 2010 - 2012cubic meters (m3)Printed Dec 03, 2012 Page 1 of 1
  24. 24. 24User Examples
  25. 25. 25User Example: RDOS• The RDOS has produced a Regional Growth Strategy in thepast years that includes water usage for some of the largerwater purveyors in the District.– RDOS was recently looking for water usage data from the followingpurveyors:• City of Penticton• District of Summerland• Town of Oliver• Town of Osoyoos– They asked - Which of these purveyors are currently using the BCWater Use Reporting tool? All of them!• “Our hope is to contact those purveyors who are activelyusing the site and request a user account be setup for theRDOS to be able to access this data annually.” - RDOS
  26. 26. 26Latest Features• Live basin reservoir map• New reservoir level recording• Enhanced security• Integration with Supply and Demand study• New water use reports and bar graphs for internal orexternal use• Hydrometric stations (historical data being uploaded forthe local hydrometric data warehouse project)• Water Use Entry Contest
  27. 27. 27
  28. 28. 28Live BasinReservoirMap
  29. 29. 29NewReservoirLevelRecording
  30. 30. 30HydrometricStations
  31. 31. 31Water Use EntryContest
  32. 32. 32Options for the Future• Link to the provincial wastewater return online system• Create reservoir graph report - consistent reporting tonewspapers across the Okanagan Basin (RDNO)• News Release Bulletin (OBWB) – similar to the RiverForecast Centre’s Snow Survey and Water SupplyBulletin
  33. 33. 33Water Use EntryContest
  34. 34. BCWWAAnnualConference2013Successful Model forWater Use ManagementThroughout BCJonathan Lowe, P.Engca.linkedin.com/in/jonolowewww.bcwaterusereporting.ca
  35. 35. 36User Example:RDNO and Coldstream Ranch• RDNO supplies water to Coldstream Ranch, but Coldstream Ranchstill has legal holding on those licences– How we integrate that kind of structure into the program has been achallenge.• Is RDNO responsible for reporting the water use of ColdstreamRanch to the province?• Does RDNO report its water use amount including the water usedby Coldstream Ranch? Or minus the water used by ColdstreamRanch?
  36. 36. 37Integration withSupplyand DemandStudy
  37. 37. 38User Example: RDCO• Regional District of Central Okanagan is responsible for 5water utilities:– 3 surface water utilities– 2 ground water utilities• RDCO has chosen to use the program for reporting water usefor the 3 surface water utilities only• Reason: “The amount of ground water used is not monitoredby the province, so I will report on it when it is necessary.”