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Lead Generation B2B Strategies


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Lead Generation for B2B Strategies. Success is getting content in front of the right person, at the right time, in the right format, via the right channel.

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Lead Generation B2B Strategies

  1. 1. Lead Generation Strategies for B2B Content is King: The right content At the right time At the right place In the right format For the right person And in video Please = lead
  2. 2. The Process of Selling Hasn’t Changed…
  3. 3. The Process of Buying Has…
  4. 4. A monumental power shift from sellers to buyers
  5. 5. Creates Opportunities for MarketersPut the right content in front of the right person at the right time in the right format:FTL (for the lead)
  6. 6. Prospects want content
  7. 7. Prospects but Marketers Want Give Case Studies  Product Updates Industry News  New strategies How to Guides  Industry news Top 10 lists  Merger / Acquisition news Interviews
  8. 8. Prospects what:Case Studies Industry News How to Guides Top 10 lists Interviews
  9. 9. Marketers push the wrong content! Product Updates New strategies Industry news M/A
  10. 10. Marketers are publishing / pushing the wrong content!
  11. 11. Still 80% of customers find the Vendor!
  12. 12. Did you find the Vendor?80% found the vendor! Thank your Inbound Marketingteam for that!
  13. 13. Great News for Business that are using Inbound Marketing
  14. 14. Effective Marketing Tactics: Tradeshows Content Marketing Difficulty Search Engine Optimization and Webinars Effectiveness But have a high degree of difficulty:
  15. 15. Difficulty andEffectiveness
  16. 16. More Effective Marketing TacticsWebsiteSEOEmail MarketingWebinarsTradeshowsThese are InboundMarketing Strategies
  17. 17. What challenges are Increasing?High quality leadsGetting enough leadsDelivering value from benefitsMulti-channel lead generationBrand Awareness
  18. 18. What part of the Funnel is most challenging?Converting Leads into CustomerLead generation / nurturingBrand Building / AwarenessLead Scoring / Hand-Off
  19. 19. Half of businesses believe a high quality lead can cost less than $50. True?
  20. 20. Video as a B2BLead Generation tool Video Drives Action
  21. 21. 83%! of B2BExecutiveswatch morework-relatedvideos todaythen last year = 83%
  22. 22. Exec. prefer videos on your website! & 87% watch monthly!
  23. 23. Exec. Watch the Video, then65% of Visit your website53% search for product informationMake a purchasePhone the vendorContact vendor after seeing ad in videoContact vendor after a YouTube ad
  24. 24. Video Content Exec. like is:Business NewsBusiness Insight / Expert AdviceSpeeches, events, discussionsCase StudiesProduct ReviewsHow-To tutorials
  25. 25. 83% of Exec. want Videos to be:1-5 min long = 83%
  26. 26. “Videos drivesExecutives down the purchase path!”
  27. 27. The Hierarchy of B2B Needs
  28. 28. The Executive mind works worries like this1 - Avoid risk 2- Avoid hassle 3 - Gain praise 4 - Gain power 5 - Have fun 6- Make a profit
  29. 29. So what does B2B Lead Generation Strategy Look Like? Marketing Persona(s) Content Marketing Channels Landing Pages
  30. 30. 1 - Marketing Persona(s)•They are a proxy for your target audience•Personas represent of a real group of users and their: • Goals, • Motivations, • Characteristics, • Behaviour• All Personas are fictional, but based on fact
  31. 31. 2 – Content for multiple personas /channels •Map content to the funnel to persona(s) to the channelsRemember Prospects want this content: •Case Studies •Industry News •How – to guides •Top 10 lists •Interviews with analysts / executives •Video any of these
  32. 32. Marketing ChannelsSee what your Persona(s) favourite is•Videos•Webinars•Blogs•Podcasts•LinkedIn•Quora
  33. 33. Landing PagesThe tool to capture leadsUse for:•Webinar registration•White paper downloads•Email newsletters•Case-Study access•How-to guide download
  34. 34. Lead Generation Strategies for B2B Content is KingThanks for readingQuestion/comments direct here: