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Connect or Not: Exploring Seamless Infrastructures Through Out-Bodied Interaction: Selena Savic, Jeffrey Huang


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Presentation from The UrbanIxD Symposium, held on 25th September 2014 at the Telecom Italia Future Centre in Venice, Italy.

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Connect or Not: Exploring Seamless Infrastructures Through Out-Bodied Interaction: Selena Savic, Jeffrey Huang

  1. 1. Connect or Not: Exploring Seamless Infrastructures through Out-Bodied Interaction City | Data | Future Symposium Selena Savic, IST/EPFL
  2. 2. demystification foregrounding agency
  3. 3. catches our attention only when it fails the expectations of availability or speed AWARENESS
  4. 4. what kind of changes will the satisfaction of forecast needs for wireless communication bandwidth bring? FUTURE
  5. 5. Wireless Infrastructure
  6. 6. medium = message = infrastructure
  7. 7. wirelessness
  8. 8. invisible, immaterial, seamless, digital...
  9. 9. Out-bodied Interaction
  10. 10. definition interaction between the body and a system through an external object or device; a kind of embodied interaction emphasizing the role of the device
  11. 11. example
  12. 12. APPROACH Iterative process of design prototypes which act as playful interfaces for interaction with wireless network infrastructure
  13. 13. Connect or Not a series of experiments at the interface between wireless communication, people and space
  14. 14. General interaction diagram:
  15. 15. Input: user data on network traffic
  16. 16. Output: movement, light, sound.....
  17. 17. Connect or Not Android app
  18. 18. CCoonnnneecctt OOrr NNoott
  19. 19. Live mode
  20. 20. RKNFG, Expand, Explore, Expose Atelierhaus Salzamt, Linz 2012
  21. 21. Stage Digital I, A Scenographic Expedition Bühne A, Zurich, November 2012
  22. 22. Quadricone, Les Urbaines Lausanne, November 2012
  23. 23. Stage Digital II, The Making of Atmosphere Bühne A, Zurich, November 2013
  24. 24. Ljubljana, MMC Zavod K6/4 February 2014
  25. 25. Connect or Not – Ljubljana: Interaction Diagram
  26. 26. Lisbon, Instituto Superior Tecnico September 2014
  27. 27. Connect or Not - Lisbon Interaction Diagram
  28. 28. Thank you. Selena Savic @jazoza