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Augmenting Urban Experiences : From Interface To Interspace Carola Moujan


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Presentation from The UrbanIxD Symposium, held on 25th September 2014 at the Telecom Italia Future Centre in Venice, Italy.

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Augmenting Urban Experiences : From Interface To Interspace Carola Moujan

  1. 1. Augmenting Urban Experiences: From Carola Moujan Independent designer Interface to Interspace Lecturer & Associate Researcher École Camondo & UVHC (France) 21 balançoires by Daily Tous les jours (Montréal, 2011)
  2. 2. Augmenting places
  3. 3. Image Theodore Lee / Flickr Technical device or aesthetic experience?
  4. 4. # 1 “The real places on the earth [...] are susceptible to continuous readings, which is almost certainly to say complex and ambiguous ones. It seems to be a characteristic of them, too, that they have extraordinary changeability, sometimes of use, almost certainly of size” Kent Bloomer & Charles W. Moore, Body, Memory and Architecture (1977)
  5. 5. # 2 “Every place [...] is a not in the meshwok. The knot [...] does not contain life but is rather formed of the very lines along which life is lived. These lines are bound together in the knot, but they are not bound by it. ” Tim Ingold, Lines. A Brief History (2007)
  6. 6. Places are not ready-made experiences contained in a physical location; places are events that emerge whithin a particular site at a given time
  7. 7. Image Michael Yan / Flickr
  8. 8. placemaking = creating the conditions of emergence of an event
  9. 9. # 3 “An event emerges from chaos provided that some kind of sieve intervenes” Gilles Deleuze, The Fold (1988)
  10. 10. origin an agent through which the site’s underlying forces are polarised and directed, allowing the emergence of the spatial form we name “place“
  11. 11. # 4 “It is not the object itself that is percieved, but the world, polarised in such a way that the situation makes sense” Gilbert Simondon, L’individuation psychique et collective (1989)
  12. 12. augmenting places = articulating the relationship between data and origin
  13. 13. A matter of relationships
  14. 14. # 5 “In a world where practicality and functionality can be taken for granted, the aesthetics of the post-optimal object could provide new experiences of everyday life, new poetic dimensions.“ Anthony Dunne, Herzian Tales (1997)
  15. 15. Information or experience ?
  16. 16. An experience of origin, not just its narrative Adapted from Sharon Zukin’s Naked City: The Death and Life of Authentic Urban Places (2010)
  17. 17. One function Two forms Left : Totem Urbain (JC Decaux, 2007) Right: iGirouette (Vincent Autin / Biin, 2009)
  18. 18. From interface to interspace
  19. 19. Information : a goal vs information as a trigger for experiences
  20. 20. Interspace: experience of multiple dimensions co-existing within a unified perception of reality
  21. 21. # 6 “An experience has a unity that gives it its name, that meal, that storm, that rupture of friendship. The existence of this unity is constituted by a single quality that pervades the entire experience in spite of the variation of its constituent parts” John Dewey, Art As Experience (1934)
  22. 22. Being guided or “being there” ?
  23. 23. Image William Hook / Flickr Images © Dominic WIlcox Top : A smartphone displaying Google Maps® Right: No Place Like Home GPS shoes (Dominic WIlcox, 2011)
  24. 24. # 7 “Design is [...] the integration of technological, social and economic requirements, biological necessities, and the psychophysical effects of materials, shape, color, volume and space: thinking in relationships” Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Vision in Motion (1947)
  25. 25. Thank you Twitter: @carolamoujan