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Find out what products The Recruitment Network offers for international recruitment.

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The Network: Product presentation

  1. 1. Discover Our recruitment solutions > 19.05.2016 Products & services
  2. 2. RECRUITING WITH THE NETWORK One powerful alliance for your international recruitment needs 130+ countries 50+ market leading job board companies Best of breed recruitment websites Unparalleled local brand recognition Unique recruitment insight > > > > >
  3. 3. Job Visibility & Traffic Driving ProductsGlobal Flex Pack Candidate Email Targeting Job Postings Global CV Database PRODUCTS & SERVICES PRODUCTS & SERVICES
  4. 4. JOB POSTINGS Connect with talent fast & reach more candidates by posting with The Network Presentation: job ads are available in a standard layout or a customized version that integrates your corporate identity, layout, and much more. Posting: job listings are online within 48 hours in Europe and 72 hours worldwide. Automated services are even faster. Duration: 30 days, except 28 days online (UK, Ukraine, Malta, Bulgaria, France, Hungary), (most of the job boards), up to 60 days (Algeria, Italy, Middle East, Netherlands, USA) Pricing: Local rates and attractive packages available Benefit from tailor made job postings for each country Receive individual services, personal advice and trusted recommendations Make use of helpful recruiting tools & a measure made posting process > > >
  5. 5. JOB POSTINGS Whatever your international recruitment needs are – we have the perfect solution Choose the Country by Country option if you know exactly how many postings you want to purchase for each country and buy at local rates Select the Global Flex Pack if you want to benefit from full flexibility throughout the whole contract duration Country by country vs. Global flex pack Available as from 5 postings on Available for a contract duration of 1, 3, 6 or 12 months Job postings can be freely transferred between countries No country specific commitment required One global contract encompassing all of your recruiting efforts Ideal for large volumes – you maintain full flexibility & control throughout the entire contract duration > > > > > > > >
  6. 6. PRICE LEVEL 1 PRICE LEVEL 2 PRICE LEVEL 3 PRICE LEVEL 4 Avg PPJ <€150 Avg PPJ €150-€299 Avg PPJ €300-€449 Avg PPJ >€450 Africa Mexico Argentina Poland Austria Belgium Algeria Middle East Azerbaijan (Azinka) Portugal (Alerta Emprego) Canada Caribbean Island Azerbaijan (Headhunter) Nicaragua Belarus Russia Croatia France Brazil Nigeria Bosnia & Hi Serbia Denmark Germany China (Zhaopin) Pakistan Chile Slovenia Finland Ireland China (China Hr) Panama Ecuador Spain Israel (Alljobs) Monaco Costa Rica Phillippines Stonia Taiwan Netherlands Morocco Dominican Republic Portugal (Net-empregos) Hungary Venezuela Portugal (Empregos Online) Sweden El Salvador Phillippines Italy South Korea Switzerland (Jobs.Ch) Ghana Romania Kazakhstan Uk Switzerland (Jobup) Greece Singapure Latvia Tunisia Hong Kong South Africa Lithuania Indonesia Ukraine Luxembourg Israel (Drushim) Usa Malaysia Malta Peru NEW COUNTRY DISPATCHING IN THE DIFFERENT LEVELS BASED ON THE CURRENT LOCAL RATES
  7. 7. CV DATABASE SEARCH RESUMES & PINPOINT THE TALENT YOU REALLY NEED Available together with job postings or as standalone product Available in the local language and for certain job boards also in English Attractive local rates Smart package prices as from 3 countries Quickly and easily create a search Extensive filtering options help you find the perfect candidate in just seconds Ideal if you desire instant candidate access or have immediate vacancy requirements
  9. 9. VISIBILITY & TRAFFIC DRIVING PRODUCTS Entice top talent with persuasive information about your company Capitalize on your own brand recognition Showcase what makes your company unique & receive more applications > > > Utilise measure made products for each market: Choose from Banners, Skyscrapers and Leader Boards to mini HR Websites and much more Monitor your results – see the performance of your campaign at a glance Available as standalone product or in a package with job postings / CV database Best exposure guaranteed: Select where you want to expose your company Brand your company as a great place to work & become the employer of choice for the candidates you really want
  10. 10. CANDIDATE EMAIL TARGETING Select your target audience with specific criteria: skill, location, job title and more. Email job openings directly to suitable applicants. Communicate the benefits of a position with your company. Reach a broader audience by contacting potential candidates. TARGETED DELIVERY FOR MAXIMUM RETURN - FIND CANDIDATES NOW WITH EMAIL RECRUITING By utilising the email inbox of job seekers and targeting delivery in full HTML to a specific audience, recruiters can quickly generate high response volumes and accelerate the candidate search process The targeted email campaign can also be included with a visibility products package to enhance company identity and attract better candidates. > >
  11. 11. THE NETWORK TODAY: UNIQUE INSIGHT FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS With over 200,000 respondents across 189 countries, this is the biggest gathering of insights on global talent mobility trends and employment preferences ever. To find out more, please go to The Decoding Global Talent Survey run in conjunction with Boston Consulting Group allows you to: Have a unique understanding of the world's talent pool Create reports on profiles depending on the vacancies you have to fill or the group of employees you are especially interested in understanding. Find candidates interested in relocating to the country where you need them. Understand how candidates feel about international mobility and how serious they are about putting their plans into practice. > > > >
  12. 12. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME For futher inforomation, please get in contact with :