Lakeland Resources: Gibbons Creek Uranium Target


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Gibbons Creek Uranium Target by Lakeland Resources Inc. (TSXv: LK)

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Lakeland Resources: Gibbons Creek Uranium Target

  1. 1. JUNE 2013 / TSXv: LK / FSE: 6LL / / @LakelandRes
  3. 3. TSXv:LK / FSE: 6LL / / @LakelandRes Disclaimer: This Presentation has been prepared by Lakeland Resources Inc. (“Lakeland”) using its best efforts to realistically and factually present the information contained. However, subjective opinion, dependence upon factors outside Lakeland’s control and outside information sources unavoidably dictate that Lakeland cannot warrant the information contained to be exhaustive, complete or sufficient. In addition, many factors can affect the Presentation which could significantly alter the results intended by Lakeland, rendering the Presentation unattainable or substantially altered. Therefore, interested Users should conduct their own assessment and consult with their own professional advisors prior to making any investment decisions. This Presentation does not constitute a prospectus or public offering for financing, and no guarantees are made or implied with regard to the success of Lakeland’s proposed ventures. Interested investors are advised to seek advice from their investment advisors. Technical information has been prepared in accordance with the Canadian regulatory requirements set out in National Instrument 43-101 and reviewed on behalf of the Company by Neil McCallum P.Geo., a Qualified Person. 3
  4. 4. TSXv:LK / FSE: 6LL / / @LakelandRes GIBBONS CREEK TARGET 4
  5. 5. TSXv:LK / FSE: 6LL / / @LakelandRes LOCATION Potential of area demonstrated by: • Uracan/UEX Corp. Black Lake Project: DDH BL-018: 0.69% U3O8 over 4.4 metres, including 1.96% U3O8 over 0.50 m UEX Corp. recently (Jan 2013) optioned 60% to Uracan for C$10.0 million in exploration over 10 years • UEX Corp. Riou Lake Project: Radioactive boulders in glacial till on the property with up to 11.3% uranium; source still to be identified GIBBONS CREEK TARGET 5
  6. 6. TSXv:LK / FSE: 6LL / / @LakelandRes LOCATION Potential of area demonstrated by: • The presence of many un-tested basement conductors in the area • Exploration in the region has identified some smaller deposits • Fond Du Lac Deposit 1 million pounds U3O8 at 0.25% • Nisto Uranium Mine (historic) 500 tons of ore were shipped to the Loradio Mill. One shipment of 106 tons of ore graded 1.6% U3O8. • Middle Lake Zone Initial exploration conducted prior to reserve over project GIBBONS CREEK TARGET 6
  7. 7. TSXv:LK / FSE: 6LL / / @LakelandRes LOCATION step back for a regional setting Importance of the continental-scale SNOWBIRD TECTONIC ZONE Associated with several uranium deposits: Nisto Zone, Dufferin Zone, Middle Lake, Centennial Deposit (Cameco & Areva) • Intercepts up to 34 metres averaging 8.8% U3O8 Starting at a depth of 797 metres • As of March, 2012, over $30.2 million has been spent on the project GIBBONS CREEK TARGET 7
  8. 8. TSXv:LK / FSE: 6LL / / @LakelandRes LOCATION step back for a regional setting Importance of the continental- scale SNOWBIRD TECTONIC ZONE Other fault splays to the west are likely areas to find additional uranium mineralization. Grease River Fault Zone  Fond-du Lac Deposit Platt Creek Fault  Black Lake Zone Complex magnetic setting suggests the potential for many fault zones not yet identified Fond du Lac Deposit Black Lake Zone Nisto Uranium Zone South Pine Showing GIBBONS CREEK TARGET DDH RLG-D10 showing 8
  9. 9. TSXv:LK / FSE: 6LL / / @LakelandRes STRUCTURE The Snowbird Tectonic Zone (active at 1.9 Ga) provides a weakness for re-activation during 1.75 Ga Trans-Hudson orogen, and Athabasca Basin mineralization at 1.59 Ga. Centennial deposit highlights the importance for late “brittle” faulting: “Mineralization is located approximately 300 m east of the interpreted location of the post-Athabasca Dufferin Lake fault. There, it straddles an unconformity high formed at the contact between highly strained weakly mylonitic metasedimentary and granitoid rocks of the basement. At this contact is a steeply west-dipping zone of brittle deformation which represents the reactivation of earlier ductile structures of the Snowbird Tectonic Zone/VRSZ under brittle conditions. This structural interpretation map of the Gibbons Creek area shows evidence for large- scale disturbances and locations for possible brittle faulting. Strong Conductive Zone Weak Conductive Zone Gravity Low identified “lithologic” marker for structural interp Brittle fault displacing basement “lithology” Stony Rapids First Nations Reserve UEX Drilling 9
  10. 10. HISTORIC DRILLING Drilling on the property was conducted for the most part by Eldorado Nuclear in the 1977-1979 period. An area with elevated uranium near the unconformity occurs near the gravity low and weak conductive zone. • GC-15 was the highest with 0.18% U3O8 over 0.13 m Radioactive boulders were discovered during the last field season in the small prospected area. Prospected area with boulders up to 5.1% U3O8 10 GC-15: 0.18% U3O8 over 0.13 m Area with elevated uranium near the unconformity
  11. 11. 11 Make Contact Lakeland Resources Inc. Phone: 604.681.1568 Toll Free: 1.877.377.6222 Email: Web: Roger Leschuk, Corporate Communications Phone: 604.681.1568 Email: TSXv:LK / FSE: 6LL / / @LakelandRes