COMBAT SYSTEMS                      Combat systems developed                      by the Research and Production          ...
TANKS   The story of success of the Research and Production Corporation “Uralvagonzavod”        is directly linked to tank...
T-72                        Fire, armor, and maneuverability are embodied in various modifications                        ...
Tank T-80U               Reliable and time-challenged tank, T-80U is the first               production tank in the world ...
T-90S                                                            The new generation of Russian                            ...
Tank T-90S Modernized                                              The T-90S Modernized is a heavily                      ...
BMPT                                     Tank support fighting vehicle BMPT is a conceptually                             ...
SALVO FIRE SYSTEMS   Heavy flamethrower systems are one of the effective                     means of thermobaric and volu...
Heavy Flame Thrower System TOS-1A                                                                                The TOS-1...
ARTILLERY   Presently artillery is the main striking force            of ground troops in any modern army.            In l...
The power of artillery is determined by artillery shell                                                        fire perfor...
Design and manufacture                                                                   of self-propelled guns           ...
COMBAT ENGINEER EQUIPMENT   Increased engineer work in modern combat                            operations and the need to...
Russian engineer equipment is recognized to be one                                                      of the most reliab...
Mechanized bridge                        Set of assault crossing              complex                                  equ...
SUPPORT SYSTEMS                       Support systems developed                       and manufactured by Research        ...
RECOVERY VEHICLES          Recovery vehicles and maintenance vehicles                           produced by Research and P...
Variation of recovery vehicles and maintenance                                                                   vehicles ...
RECONNAISSANCE VEHICLES   Combat reconnaissance vehicles produced by Research                          and Production Corp...
Operational reconnaissance is one of the major types of combat                                     support for tactical le...
Research and Production Corporation                “Uralvagonzavod” provides solutions for weapons                and mili...
Saturation of armed forces with precision weapons                                                                         ...
Service, diagnostics and repair                           of weapons and military equipment                           is o...
Service management                  Establishing of an extensive network of service centers                               ...
CONTACTSM OSCOW                                             S                                                     ALES DEP...
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  1. 1. COMBAT SYSTEMS Combat systems developed by the Research and Production Corporation “Uralvagonzavod” are well- known throughout the world. Combination of firepower, high mobility, balanced protection circuit, and high-quality responsiveness to command make our combat systems effective and reliable.18 19
  2. 2. TANKS The story of success of the Research and Production Corporation “Uralvagonzavod” is directly linked to tanks. Most machines designed and produced within the walls of the Corporation enterprises are rightfully considered to be legends of the Russian tank construction. Various models of T-55, T-62, T-72, T-80, T-90 are included in armament both in Russia and abroad and represent the major part of tank armament in a significant number of countries. Russian tanks combine high firepower, protection, responsiveness to command, mobility and ergonomic effectiveness while maintaining their traditional reliability and ease of operation.20 21
  3. 3. T-72 Fire, armor, and maneuverability are embodied in various modifications of the T-72. Tank designers managed to provide a significant reserve for upgrade and creation of special vehicles on its basis. This tank was developed for combat actions. Undeniable advantages of the T-72 were appreciated by professionals around the world — this combat machine was recognized to be the best and most mass tank of the second half of 20th century and it was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. The T-72B Modernized is a balanced version that has undergone extensive modernization during which any gaps in characteristics between it and modern foreign tanks, including characteristics of firepower, protection, mobility and responsiveness to command were eliminated.Reliability, Firepower has been improved by means of installingefficiency, potential enhanced accuracy gun, refining ammunition and increasing penetration ability, improving ballistic performance,modernization and therefore the fire accuracy. Level of protection for the T-72 was optimized with improved explosive reactive armor, electromagnetic protection system, quick-action fire-fighting equipment, optical-electronic countermeasure system, and with measures aimed at reducing visibility. Solutions to improve mobility of tanks are implemented by installation of modern diesel engines and upgraded propellers. Improved command control is provided by integrating the tank in an automated tactical control system with the use of satellite navigation systems.22 23
  4. 4. Tank T-80U Reliable and time-challenged tank, T-80U is the first production tank in the world to be equipped with a gas turbine engine for main propulsion. It is designed to fight in different geographical and climatic conditions. Tank T-80U is a combination of guided missile and artillery weapons, effective fire control system, high mobility and manoeuverability, reliable armour and explosive reactive armour. Simplicity and ease of operation, ability to negotiate any obstacles and reliability are the hallmarks of T-80U.Speed, To produce the T-80U for export, a number of activitiessimplicity, were implemented to enhance the tanks competitiveness in the global arms market. An important feature of the T-80Uand ease family is the possibility of ordering different configurationsof operation according to conditions and needs of the buyer country.24 25
  5. 5. T-90S The new generation of Russian tanks — the rocket-gun tank T-90S. The T-90S is an implementation of most advanced technological solutions. The T-90S with its reactive armor and optoelectronic fire suppression system is not just equal for combat and technical characteristics to the best tanks in other countries, but in many ways it surpasses them.Firepower, The T-90S design is based on careful researchprotection, and understanding of tactics and strategy of using tanks in actual practice of modern combat, with considerationmobility of long-term experience of military operating the T-72 tanks in different countries, as well as the results of its long intensive testing in the harshest conditions. The T-90S is light in weight as are Russian tanks traditionally; it is a small-sized, well-armed and highly mobile tank. The T-90S features optimal fitness for combat operations at any time of day and night, exceptional reliability of all components and assemblies, mechanisms and systems, excellent mobility and maneuverability regardless of any weather and road conditions, including high dust and high altitude conditions, and the minimum cost of training highly qualified specialists.26 27
  6. 6. Tank T-90S Modernized The T-90S Modernized is a heavily armed combat tracked vehicle equipped with advanced fire control system and reliable armor protection, with a high level of maneuverability. Armament of the T-90S Modernized is a complexModern technical system that combines effective interrelated typestechnology of armament, fire control and ammunition supply systems, and improved ammunition load. It allows the tank to fightin building in any climate and landscape conditions at any time of daytanks and night. The use of weapons of the tank with maximum efficiency is achieved by equalizing search capabilities of gunner and commander. This allows organizing a fire control system highly efficient mode of «gunner — hunter» when the commander, regardless of time of day, can monitor the target environment when underway or stationary, identify targets and pass them to the gunner for elimination, and continue searching for new targets. Today, the T-90S Modernized is the modern main battle tank with high strategic, operational and tactical mobility.28 29
  7. 7. BMPT Tank support fighting vehicle BMPT is a conceptually new vehicle in the Corporation product line. It features a very high level of self-protection, fire power, and controllability. The vehicle has power to destruct tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and other armoured targets of the enemy, to repel attacks of helicopters and low-flying aircrafts, to destruct the enemy’s permanent emplacements, and manpower armed with grenade launchers, antitank systems, and small-arms. BMPT provides high-volume fire and the possibility to deliver aimed fire against four targets simultaneously.Russian Thanks to its powerful and quick-fire armament“Terminator” BMPT can provide significant combat support to infantry and tank units destructing the enemy’s firing points in the open country and in built-in areas, i.e. in trenches, ditches as well as in buildings. At present designing and production of advanced tank support fighting vehicles is one of the priority trends in the development of armoured vehicles and their armament. BMPT is designed to be used in tank units for the enemy’s tank-threat means destruction.30 31
  8. 8. SALVO FIRE SYSTEMS Heavy flamethrower systems are one of the effective means of thermobaric and volume-detonating weapons. The destructive radius of 3,500 meters and the ability to launch 30 missiles in 7.5 seconds provide for immediate control over the area. The systems were successfully used in local conflicts and counter-terrorist operations.32 33
  9. 9. Heavy Flame Thrower System TOS-1A The TOS-1A was designed for defeating enemy weapons and military equipment, fortifications and personnel (including those in fortified constructions), as well as for initiating fire islands in country. The combat vehicle works in cooperation with tanks and infantry, moving around their combat formations. The TOS-1A is capable of striking with accuracy up to 10 meters due to a special fire control system. The TOS-1A is a powerful tool for fire damage. The system includes combat vehicle BM-1 and re-supply vehicle TZM-T. BM-1 TZM-T Combat vehicle BM-1 is a multiple The re-supply vehicle launch rocket system on tank chassis. is a support system The machine is used for placing for the TOS-1A combat unguided missiles and launching them vehicle and is designed on designated targets. for transporting unguided The BM-1 is fitted with rotating rockets, and loading platform with 24 guide pipes. and unloading the launcher. Depending on situation, fire on targets TZM-T is a combat can be single shots or double shots transportation vehicle from two barrels. Duration of full based on tank T-72 fitted salvo in double-shot fire is 6 seconds, with 1,000 kg load crane. and in single-shot fire it is 12 seconds. Readiness time to open fire on a visual target after the combat vehicle stops is 90 seconds.34 35
  10. 10. ARTILLERY Presently artillery is the main striking force of ground troops in any modern army. In local war operations, the basic objectives are achieved by general purpose force units as the lead roles are taken by artillery units.36 37
  11. 11. The power of artillery is determined by artillery shell fire performance on target. Ease of transportation of an artillery system is particularly important indicator for rapid deployment forces and special operations. The enterprises of Research and Production Corporation “Uralvagonzavod” produce a huge range of towed and self-propelled artillery systems. Portable noiseless 122-mm lightweight D-30A mortar 2B25 assault gun M-392 To defeat the enemy equipped with body In the fight against international Compact, lightweight and reliableStriking armour facilities, we offer the portable terrorism and in local conflicts, 122-mm towed howitzer D-30Apower noiseless mortar 2B25 that can provide lightweight 122-mm assault gun M-392 is the finest example of military fire on observed and not observed targets is indispensable as it is designed artillery.of land from closed firing positions on soils to be placed in the infantry formations It is designed to engage openforces of varying hardness at any time and to provide it with direct fire and covered personnel, weapons of day and night or year. support. Provided the use of 122-mm and military equipment of the enemy Concealment and suddenness of a combat M-30 howitzer ammunition, within range of 15,000 meters. use is achieved due to the lack of smoke, which is in service in many countries. The tripod carriage system of the gun loud sounds, flame and shock wave The gun can be towed by trucks allows traversing through 360 when fired. Weighing only 13 kilograms, or army jeeps and be transported degrees without moving the carrier the mortar is capable of firing targets as external load by army air force system. Time of changeover at a distance of 1,200 meters and the rate helicopters. Its weight is 1,400 kg from travelling position to fire of fire is 15 rounds per minute. maximum. Fire range is 6 km. position is about 2 minutes.38 39
  12. 12. Design and manufacture of self-propelled guns is one of the most important trends in the market of artillery systems. 125-mm anti-tank 152-mm lightweight Self-propelled howitzer gun 2A45M howitzer 2A61 “MSTA-S” Anti-tank gun 2A45M is the worlds only anti-tank gun Towed howitzer 2A6B A rational approach to the balance of such power, and with functions of self-movement is a lightweight gun. The tripod of “firepower – protection” was and circular firing. It can keep firing all the existing carriage provides circular firing. implemented in the self-propelled howitzer and prospective ammunition of Russian tanks. To facilitate the loading, shell “MSTA-S”. Power of weapons and firing The auxiliary power unit can propel the gun loading system is installed range of this howitzer is much more at the speed of 14 km/h. This allows deploying on the gun carriage. It takes than those of a tank. This determines the gun with less effort in difficult terrain, and provides not more than 2 minutes to go a greater length and bigger weight the ability to move the system by its own power from traveling position of the barrel, improved navigation unit, in case of failure of the main towing vehicle. to firing position. and sighting equipment, presence When deployed at the firing position, gun 2A45M “Krasnopol” guided missile of ballistic computers and other aids is supported by three trails which make it possible can be fired with the 2A61. intended to enhance the fire efficiency. to quickly traverse the gun through 360 degrees. It takes less than 2 minutes to go from traveling position to firing position.40 41
  13. 13. COMBAT ENGINEER EQUIPMENT Increased engineer work in modern combat operations and the need to sharply reduce the time of their performance, fast construction of enclosures and NBC shelters require high standards to combat engineer equipment.42 43
  14. 14. Russian engineer equipment is recognized to be one of the most reliable in the world. Research and Production Corporation “Uralvagonzavod” produces a wide range of combat engineer equipment that meets high standards of warfare, provides troops with the conditions necessary for covert timely travel, deployment, maneuver, mining and demining operations in the field, enhanced protection of troops, and attrition threats. IMR-2MA BMR-3M TMM-6 MTU-72 and MTU-90Reliability The vehicle is designed to provide Armoured deminer BMR-3М Heavy mechanized bridge Bridge layers MTU-72 andrecognized troops movement, make column is designed to escort troops TMM-6 is capable of making MTU-90 are designed to lay routes, and carry out other engineer columns and to provide their a crossing 102 meters long a single-span metal bridgearound works. At present IMR-2МА movement on mined terrain in 50 minutes. with carrying capacitythe world is the most advanced vehicle by sweeping mines and laying High speed of building of 50 tons over obstacles among obstacle removers. pathways on mine fields. bridgework, high rate up to 25 meters wide. It ensures operation on radioactively The vehicle is equipped of passing vehicles, high The vehicles integrate contaminated terrain, in atmosphere with the 12.7-mm turret antiaircraft mobility of relocation are key the underwater stream- polluted with aggressive gases, machine gun mount to provide advantages of TMM-6 crossing equipment, NBC toxic substances, smoke, dust, self-defence, field engineer fire to enable quick construction protection system with radiation and under direct fire. The vehicle cover during reconnaissance of bridge crossing at moats, detector, automatic fire-fighting integrates the equipment checking of mined areas canals and water obstacles equipment, filter-ventilator for underwater fording, nuclear and destruction of mines lying to pass wheeled and tracked unit and ensure operation defence, automatic fire fighting. on the ground surface. vehicles through. on contaminated terrain.44 45
  15. 15. Mechanized bridge Set of assault crossing complex equipmentEngineering The mechanized bridge complex Set of assault crossing equipment consistssupport “Pisk” is designed to construct high of amphibious transport PTS-4 and low-profile capacity bridge crossings over transport TP with landing raft PDP.for success obstacles up to 40 meters wide; The tracked amphibious transport is capablein battle it provides simultaneous assembly of transporting military equipment by the water of two bridge crossings with the total and on the approaches to the water obstacle weighing length of 60 meters. 18 tons and is designed for assault crossing water The complex includes two bridge obstacles by artillery systems, infantry fighting vehicles, assembly machines and six highly armored personnel carriers, towing vehicles, motor mobile bridge structure transporters vehicles, personnel and various goods. based on wheeled chassis The landing raft used for crossing water obstacles Ural-532361. by tanks, artillery systems, armored personnel carriers and other military equipment weighing up to 60 tons. The landing raft is delivered to the shoreline of a water obstacle on the low-profile tracked transport that reaches maximum velocity of 60 km/h on road.46 47
  16. 16. SUPPORT SYSTEMS Support systems developed and manufactured by Research and Production Corporation “Uralvagonzavod” enterprises proved to be reliable and effective systems.48 49
  17. 17. RECOVERY VEHICLES Recovery vehicles and maintenance vehicles produced by Research and Production CorporationAND MAINTENANCE VEHICLES “Uralvagonzavod” show good results in modern combat operations. They combine the maximum protection, mobility, and adaptability to extreme climatic and landscape conditions.50 51
  18. 18. Variation of recovery vehicles and maintenance vehicles makes it possible to equip the army with reliable and efficient means of military system repair and maintenance during combat training and military operations. Armoured recovery RM-G Maintenance vehicles vehicles and checkout vehiclesEndurance Armoured recovery vehicles BREM-1 The maintenance tracked vehicle RM-G was designed Maintenance vehicles and checkoutand adaptation and BREM-80U were designed to tow to perform technical reconnaissance and maintenance vehicles KPM 1I37E, 1I41E, 1I39 out damaged tanks of the danger zones, of tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, and to assist are cross-country multi-purposeto any conditions to pull out jammed vehicles, and to maintain crews in maintenance in combat conditions. vehicles for extended application and repair military vehicles in the field. The maintenance tracked vehicle RM-G allows that can operate in different spheres The armoured recovery vehicles are able towing of broken-down and damaged guided and not under severe climatic conditions. to tow objects weighing up to 50 tons. guided infantry fighting vehicles out of the enemy fire, The vehicles are designed to perform The BREM ARVs have special equipment performing technical reconnaissance in battlefield any most challenging and complex tuning that includes hydraulic crane, electric time of day and night, performing lifting operations and adjustment maintenance work welding equipment, equipment for towing in the repair and maintenance of tanks and infantry and to repair minor failures (running and recovery, special tool and instrument fighting vehicles, performing routine maintenance, repairs) of tanks, self-propelled guns kits, equipment for special processing including electric welding work, transporting and tracked armored personnel carriers of machinery, and spades. The BREM ARVs spare parts, materials and tools with a total in the field. The transport vehicles are fitted with NBC system, fire protection mass of 1,000 kg, accelerated charging batteries are custom equipped with various system, thermal smoke discharger system, in supported machines, electric run-up of engines optional add-ons and mounted deep fording system, and necessary of tanks and IFVs with the RM-G power supply system. ancillaries. and sufficient armament.52 53
  19. 19. RECONNAISSANCE VEHICLES Combat reconnaissance vehicles produced by Research and Production Corporation “Uralvagonzavod” are designed for battlefield reconnaissance and artillery reconnaissance as part of army units and amphibious assault landing units, day and night in all seasons and weather conditions, including conditions of limited visibility (rain, snow, fog, smoke curtains, light noise, etc.)54 55
  20. 20. Operational reconnaissance is one of the major types of combat support for tactical level army units. Observation units and posts, mobile patrols and units perform their duties most effectively in light tanks and combat reconnaissance vehicles equipped with technical reconnaissance means and combat systems. Combat reconnaissance post PRP-4M and combat reconnaissance vehicle BRM-3K “Rys” that combine traditional and modern developments of the Russian defense industry have shown good results in modern combat operations. BRM-3K "Rys" Combat reconnaissance post PRP-4M “Rys” can provide operational reconnaissance within the intelligence The PRP-4M is used for operationalConvertment, units at any time of year and day, even in limited optical visibility reconnaissance at any time of yearmobility, conditions. Excellent maneuverability, high speed, high mobility and day, under conditions of limited and armor protection make the BRM-3K “Rys” indispensable in visibility. The PRP-4M featuresprotection combat. In addition, the machine is equipped with 30-mm automatic excellent maneuverability, high mobility cannon for effective contact reconnaissance. and good cross-country ability; it can The BRM-3K “Rys” is equipped with radar, thermal imaging pass water obstacles afloat. viewer, laser rangefinder, night active pulsed observation The PRP-4M is fitted with radar, device and periscopic daytime observation device, navigation thermal vision infrared device, laser and orientation equipment, information processing computer, rangefinder, night active pulsed communications and data transmission systems. An observation observation device and periscopic post can be deployed outside the vehicle. daytime observation device, navigation The vehicle is fitted with NBC systems to protect crew equipment, information processing and interior equipment against damaging factors of weapons computer, communications and data of mass destruction. transmission systems.56 57
  21. 21. Research and Production Corporation “Uralvagonzavod” provides solutions for weapons and military equipment training with the use of training facilities: active training simulators and classes, dynamic and static computer simulators for drivers and crew, computer training systems. The Corporation prepares product brochures and technical manuals for maintenance and repair of equipment. TRAINING58 59
  22. 22. Saturation of armed forces with precision weapons and ammunition, complex combat systems, military electronics requires development of different training and range facilities, computerized database and special training systems to train the skills of military equipment specialists. Driving simulators, crew training simulators Simulator 2H51 Training simulators and classrooms with training stands Modular driving simulators and dynamic crew simulators for weapons and military equipment The high-performance training aids To train tank crews in material equipment provide for: the special simulator 2H51 allows arrangement, the procedure of control linkage • Development of initial skills to use controls in engine starting preparation, start and stop preparing estimates for 152-mm adjustment, maintenance work and replacement procedures in winter and summer operation conditions; self-propelled howitzers 2S19 of assembly units, the Corporation designs • Development of terrain analysis skills and selection of rational traffic conditions in classroom (including training and delivers sets of training simulators for the planned route; for maximum rate of fire) without loss for classrooms, and classrooms with training • Weapon action training for crew members, all-weather fire mission execution training, of howitzer service life or ammunition stands equipped with operable systems. for any time of day and year without ammunition expenditure and loss of service life; expenditure. Training stands are used for studying tank design, • Automatic identification of errors, automatic evaluation of trainee’s knowledge, maintaining Frame structure of the simulator systems arrangement and operation, components, database for each trainee, for each student, where the data can be printed out; cap and housing allows learning gear and instruments. Crew members develop initial • Possibility of combining up to three separate simulators in a computer network with a single mechanisms and operation skills in tank operation and its equipment. instructor workplace to practice joint actions by drivers. of the fighting cabin of the self- Training simulators allow training crew interaction propelled howitzer “MSTA-S”, while using equipment of the tank mounted Software creates a virtual battle space in which armed confrontation for a time of day as well as demonstrating work on the stand, methods of inspection and and year, weather conditions, geophysical and climatic characteristics of the training area of the assemblies, and visual adjustment of systems and equipment of the tank, of training is simulated. checking of the learning process. and troubleshooting skills.60 61
  23. 23. Service, diagnostics and repair of weapons and military equipment is one of the priorities of Research and Production Corporation “Uralvagonzavod”. SERVICE MAINTENANCE62 63
  24. 24. Service management Establishing of an extensive network of service centers in the consuming countries of the JSC “ResearchReceipt and Production Corporation “Uralvagonzavod”Problem search / Problem analysis equipment and technical on-line service allows to provide high-quality after-sales support.Disassembly Research and Production CorporationSurvey / Diagnostics “Uralvagonzavod” specialists provide onsite support to resolve issues promptly. Customer supportRepair is provided in close cooperation with militaryRestoration / Modification and technical experts of consumer countries, which enables to accurately perform repair and maintenanceAssembly of equipment, depending on operating conditions.Inspection / Painting / Testing64 65
  25. 25. CONTACTSM OSCOW S ALES DEPARTMENT J SC “Engine Scientific Research Institute” J SC “Ural Scientific Research Technology Institute”40, Bolshaya Yakimanka street, Moscow, 119049 Telephone: +7 (3435) 345-293, 345-435 37, Novoslobodskaya street, Moscow, 103055 31, Lunacharskogo street, Ekaterinburg, 620027Telephone: +7 (495) 737-00-80 Telephone: +7 (499) 978-13-97 Telephone: +7 (343) 228-12-28 www.uralniti.ruN IZHNY TAGIL T ECHNICAL SUPPLY MANAGEMENT28, Vostochnoye shosse, Nizhny Tagil, Telephone: +7 (3435) 345-169 J SC “Ural Scientific-Technological Complex” J SC “Electric Machine Building Works “LEPSE”Sverdlovsk region, 622007 28A, Vostochnoye shosse, Nizhny Tagil, 622007 24, Octyabrsky Prospect street, Kirov, 610006 Telephone: +7 (3435) 33-47-14 Telephone: +7 (8332) 23-23-10INQUIRY OFFICE P RESS SERVICE www.lepse.comTelephone: +7 (3435) 344-209 Telephone/fax: +7 (3435) 345-270, J SC “The Ural Design Office J SC “Mobile Vehicle Special Design Bureau”S ALES MANAGEMENT M ARKETING DEPARTMENT of Transport Mechanical Engineering” 47 building 2, Stachek street,Telephone: +7 (3435) 345-104 Telephone/fax: +7 (3435) 345-016, 345-014 38, Vostochnoye shosse, Nizhny Tagil, 622051 Saint-Petersburg, Telephone: +7 (3435) 33-54-74 Telephone: +7 (812) 320-08-20 J SC “Design Bureau of Transport Machine Building” J SC “Research Production Firm 2, Krasny Pereulok street, Omsk-20, 644020 for Introduction of Scientific Telephone: +7 (3812) 41-85-13 and Technical Innovations” 4, Zarechnaya street, the Municipality J SC “Murom Special Design Bureau” of «Villozskoe selskoye poseleniye», 5, Karacharovskoye shosse street, Lomonosov district, Saint-Petersburg, 188508 Murom, Vladimir region, 602251 Telephone: +7 (812) 413-49-20 Telephone: +7 (49234) 33-279 J SC “Volchansky Mechanical Plant” J SC “Electroautomat” 14, Pervomayskaya street, 19A, Bogdana Khmelnitskogo street, Alatyr, Sverdlovsk Region, Volchansk, 624941 Chuvash Republic, 429820 Telephone: +7 (34383) 5-72-14 Telephone: +7 (83531) 2-31-35 www.elav.ruJ SC “Uraltransmash” J SC “Nauchno-Proizvodstvennoye6, Sverdlova street, Ekaterinburg, 620027 Obyedineniye “Electromashina”Telephone: +7 (343) 336 -71-11 2, Mashinostroiteley street, Chelyabinsk, Telephone: +7 (351) 253-77-32 www.npoelm.ruJ SC “Plant No.9”Ploshshad Pervoy Pyatiletki square, Ekaterinburg, J SC “Uralcryomash”620012 24, Vostochnoye shosse, Nizhny Tagil, 622051Telephone: +7 (343) 327-59-00 Telephone: +7 (3435) www.cryont.ruJ SC “Rubtsovck Machine Building Plant” J SC “All-Russian scientific-research institute204, Prospect Lenina street, Rubtsovsk, of transport machine building”Altai Territory, 658225 2, Zarechnaya street, Saint-Petersburg, 198323Telephone: +7 (38557) 404-08 Telephone: +7 (812) www.vniitransmash.ruJ SC ”Kamensk-Uralsky Casting Plant” J SC “Burevestnik Central Research Institute”6, Ryabova street, Kamensk-Uralsk, Sverdlovsk 1-a, Sormovskoe shosse street,Region, 623400 Nizhny Novgorod, 603603Telephone: +7 (3439) 375-723 Telephone: +7 (831)“ Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant – URALTRAC” LLC Federal State Unitary Enterprise3, Prospect Lenina street, “Central scientific-research institute of materials”Chelyabinsk, 454007 8, Paradnaya street, Saint-Petersburg, 191014Telephone: +7 (351) 775-17-60 Telephone: +7 (812)
  26. 26. Designed by Computerland Ltd for RPC Uralavagonzavod