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Kym Scott Upstart/KEYU March 2019


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Kym Scott's presentation from the Upstart/KEYU conference held in Edinburgh on 8th March 2019.

Published in: Education
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Kym Scott Upstart/KEYU March 2019

  1. 1. Kym Scott The Power of Play Twitter: @kymscott5
  2. 2. Is the world of Early Years Education trapped in a Matrix at the moment?
  3. 3. FAQs From people that aren’t lucky enough to understand how young children learn “This play business is all very well but how are you challenging children?”
  4. 4. We have to face some uncomfortable truths
  5. 5. Challenge Dictionary definition: Challenge: Something new and difficult which requires great effort and determination
  6. 6. How do we provide challenge for these AMAZING learners when they enter our schools and settings?
  7. 7. This is the handwriting of children in the nursery class at XX
  8. 8. Uncomfortable truth Providing challenge is NOT about making things too formal for children too soon.
  9. 9. • Moving up the grades: Relationship between pre- school model and later school success - R. Marcon • The High/Scope Pre-school Curriculum Comparison Study through age 23. L. Schweinhart & D. Weikart • School entry age and reading achievement in the 2006 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) S. Suggate There is research out there telling us…
  10. 10. Too much Too formally Too soon
  11. 11. Pointless Damaging
  12. 12. maged disposition hypothes “…the instructional processes by which some knowledge and skills are acquired may themselves damage or undermine the disposition to use them.” Lilian Katz 1992
  13. 13. Uncomfortable truth Providing challenge is NOT about telling children what they have to do in their play
  14. 14. truth Children DO challenge themselves when the conditions are right for them.
  15. 15. “Challenging play is something which young children thirst for and create by themselves if given the chance” Kathryn Solly
  16. 16. truth True challenge comes about when children have time to get deeply involved in their learning.
  17. 17. 'We are teaching children for a future we don't know about yet, so all we can do is get down to the basics, how you can be as healthy, wise and friendly as possible, how to take care of yourself and each other. To be alone without fear, but to also be a part of a bigger group and be loved by others.’ Heikki Aunio Pre-School Assistant (6 yr olds) Franzenia Daycare Centre Helsinki, Finland
  18. 18. Elliot Aged 6 years Franzenia Centre Helsinki, Finland 'Thats crazy! If you start school when you’re four you won’t be ready. You haven’t been born for long enough!’
  19. 19. truth True challenge comes about when children are trusted by the adults that teach them
  20. 20. Resources provided are open ended enough to enable children to use them in many different ways and challenge themselves. truth
  21. 21. truth True challenge comes about when adults connect with children in the places they choose to play, follow their lead, and have quality conversations with them which extend their thinking.
  22. 22. Loris Malaguzzi believed passionately that all children are competent and capable thinkers and learners as well as creative communicators and conversationalists.