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Upside Five Years


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Upside Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd's summary of the five years since their inception.

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  • May you grow as a indias number one elearning.its nice to see upside florishing.God bless you all.
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Upside Five Years

  1. 1. Upside Learning Solutions Our First 5 Years On 7th April, ‘09 we turned five. This review sums up the major milestones of our journey.
  2. 2. Apr ’04 The beginning… A small team, big ambitions…
  3. 3. Apr ’04 – Mar ’05 First year… 20 people; $50,000 revenue Not a bad first year for a boot-strapped startup.
  4. 4. Apr ’05 — Mar ’06 Second year… Revenue growth – 130% With a good repeat business and several new clients, we achieve a healthy growth rate.
  5. 5. May ’06 Launched UpsideLMS Completely indigenously built, robust Java-based LMS.
  6. 6. Dec ’06 UpsideLMS listed in LMS KnowledgeBase
  7. 7. Feb ’07 Launched UpsideAE QTI-compliant software for creating online assessments.
  8. 8. Mar ’07 Our team crosses 100 employees
  9. 9. Jun ’07 Launched UpsideLMS OnDemand The hosted (SAAS) version of UpsideLMS.
  10. 10. Jul ’07 We shift to our spacious new office • 14,000 sq.ft. • Seating capacity–300 • 2x 2Mbps internet lines • Power generation backup
  11. 11. Jul ’07 Upside Learning wins an Apex Grand Award ’07
  12. 12. Upside Learning wins an Apex Grand Award ’07 The 'Fire Safety and Prevention' course, created for Tooling University, USA, is the winning entry.
  13. 13. Nov ’07 UpsideLMS for colleges Implemented at MAEER’S MIT (Pune), for its School of Distance Education and its College of Insurance.
  14. 14. Dec ’07 ‘Lighthouse’ introduced A centralized web-based project communication system, that helps Upside Learning project managers and clients coordinate effectively.
  15. 15. Apr ’08 Whizible resource & project management system added to ‘Lighthouse’
  16. 16. Jun ’08 Protsahan introduced A Performance and Reward Management System for Upside Learning’s staff. Protsahan (n) (Hindi): encouragement, motivation. Our system records and rewards flashes of excellence as well as consistent good performance.
  17. 17. Jul ’08 Upside Learning wins two Apex Awards ’08
  18. 18. Upside Learning wins two Apex Awards ’08 Patient Safety Maritime Safety [Walport International Ltd.] [University HealthSystem Consortium]
  19. 19. Aug ’08 Our team now has 150 employees
  20. 20. Sept ’08 UpsideLMS crosses the 100,000-user mark In a little over three years, UpsideLMS has over 100,000 users who trust it for their learning needs.
  21. 21. Sept ’08 Vanguard: The Innovations & New Projects team To help provide cutting-edge solutions to our clients, we create a group that focuses on innovation.
  22. 22. Dec ’08 Upside Learning declared a Red Herring Asia 100 Winner The Red Herring 100 Asia 2008 Award is a list of top 100 most innovative private technology companies based in Asia.
  23. 23. Dec ’08 Upside Learning is a winner in the Deloitte Fast 100 India Program Ranked 16th in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India-2008 list, Upside Learning is India’s Fastest Growing Learning Solutions Company. It is also ranked 125th in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific list.
  24. 24. Feb ’09 Upside Learning + MindLeaders Upside Learning partners with MindLeaders to bring a world-class ‘content-as-a-service’ model to Indian markets.
  25. 25. Feb ’09 The Upside Learning Solutions blog Upside Learning launches its blog to share knowledge and invite discussion on trends and innovations in the eLearning domain.
  26. 26. Apr ’09 Upside Learning is nominated as one of the ‘Emerging Leaders in Training Outsourcing ’09’
  27. 27. Apr ‘09 Our five year CAGR – 108 % With consistent performance and strong growth, Upside Learning has been profitable for the last 3 years.
  28. 28. Thank you… You can contact us at: Or visit us at: