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Return of Video eLearning as DIY (Do It Yourself)


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We discuss the role of Videos in eLearning & share tips on how you can use a DIY (Do It Yourself) approach to shoot & produce videos for your online courses.

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Return of Video eLearning as DIY (Do It Yourself)

  1. 1. Jeevan Joshi @jeevesj Andrew Hannan Return of Video eLearning as DIY(Do It Yourself)
  2. 2. 200 Clients In 13 Countries Established In 2004 US India Australia Middle East New Zealand S.Africa Nigeria Kenya Singapore Venezuela UK
  3. 3. Our Learning Solutions Custom/ Bespoke eLearning Custom/Bespoke mLearning
  4. 4. 30+ Awards & Recognitions Winner of a Silver award in CLO magazine's 'Learning In Practice Awards 2011' for UpsideLMS UpsideLMS listed as one of the 'Five Emerging LMSs to Watch' in CLO Magazine ('10) Winner of 7 Apex Awards of Excellence ('11, '09, '08 & '07) Winner of 12 Brandon Hall Excellence Awards (‘12, '11, '10 & '09) UpsideLMS featured in the '2010 Top 20 Learning Portal Companies List' and '2011 & 2012 Watch List‘ by Winner of Red Herring 100 Asia Award in 2008 & finalist in Red Herring Global 100 ('09) Winner in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2008 & 2009 program, and Fast 50 India 2008 program Winner of eLearning Team of The Year2013
  5. 5. Speaker Introduction Andrew Hannan Media Specialist, Andgel Productions Jeevan Joshi Director Client Solutions - Asia Pacific, Upside Learning Solutions
  6. 6. Agenda 4 Value adding to your video 1 Why video is returning Implications of reduced learning budgets DIY Approach to video 2 3 5 Q&A
  7. 7. Why video is returning1
  8. 8. YouTube Statistics 1 billion unique visits each month 6 billion hours video watched every month 100 hours of video uploaded every hour Mobile makes up almost 40% watch time
  9. 9. Video Adoption Trends
  10. 10. User Cases Using for Learning Record face to face sessions for absent learners Extra material for self- paced learning Share video recordings of guest speakers from remote locations Support learners with literacy and/or other learning difficulties Multi-lingual education Instructional training material for trades Support to walking tours of workplaces for training induction or specific instruction.
  11. 11. Implications of reduced 2 learning budgets
  12. 12. Shrinking or flat budgets for learning Anecdotal evidence suggests that apart from the resources sector & compliance training Volumes of training spend seems to have decreased in Australia. Victoria will slash $100 million from its training budget for the VET sector by cutting funding from about $7 a student hour to as little $1.50 in many courses. In the UK, CIPD reports The median annual training budget per employee was £276, less than last year (£350), with a particularly dramatic reduction in the public sector. Share your thoughts comments via chat.
  13. 13. HR Outlook Oct 3013 CIDP
  14. 14. Budgets are reducing Learning and Talent Development, 2013 CIPD
  15. 15. How to make best of your budget Use technology-based learning applications Reduce the number of “nice to haves” Pool learning related resources ASTD Economic Survival Guide
  16. 16. What do you give up? Reduced Cost High Quality Time Required
  17. 17. ProcessAnalysis Design Development Implementation Evaluation Preproduction Production Development Specifications Script Post Production Incorporate in course Conceptualisation Development Hire Actors Get Equipment
  18. 18. Cost Heads • Actors • Video Producer • Studio • Production – Audio *& Video • Equipment • Software
  19. 19. Cost Heads Actors • Get someone in your team to act Video Producer • Shoot it yourself Studio • Indentify internal resources Production – Audio & Video • Learn the skills Equipment • Use your camera or phone Software • Use free software
  20. 20. Three Approaches Professional Highest Highest Longest DIY Middle Middle Middle Home Video Approach Lowest Lowest Shortest Production Value Cost Time
  21. 21. DIY Approach Reduces costs using a mix of Your - time ,skills and resources & External Expertise - Editing, interactivity To develop learning videos while maintaining the best possible effectiveness and learner engagement
  22. 22. DIY approach to video3
  23. 23. Purpose Budget Pre Production (location, script, participants) Planning
  24. 24. Equipment
  25. 25. Recording The Shoot Framing Choosing the space Lighting
  26. 26. Less is more - Simple is best The Edit Suite
  27. 27. THE BAD THE GOOD Example Click to view Video Click to view Video
  28. 28. • Careful planning • Simplicity in execution • Kind lighting • Have fun Remember
  29. 29. Value adding to your video4
  30. 30. DIY Approach Analysis Design Development Implementation Evaluation You Needs Analysis Storyboard and script Shoot Video Incorporate in courses Evaluate External Expert Get Technical Specifications Storyboard and script Produces Video & Adds Interactivity Incorporate in courses
  31. 31. Value Add • Use external expertise to – Define the technical requirements – Review your script – Edit your video – Add interactivity and creative elements – Develop online course if you don’t have time – Test
  32. 32. Challenges • You will need to invest time in learning new skills • Need to spend money on software • It can be technical • Be ready to take lot of takes • File sizes can be big
  33. 33. Q&A5