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Nynke Nauta / Pamela Wesonga

  1. 1. Youth Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship Programme: An Intervention by Up to You Too through Youth Initiatives-Kenya (YIKE) By: Pamela Wesonga and NynkeNauta 25th May, 2009, Amsterdam
  2. 2. Background of YIKE • How founders met • Founding of Up to You Too Foundation – relation with YIKE • Their inspiration of founding the programme • Nynke’s support of one youth group • Selection and support of the first eight groups, currently 44 are supported • Designing of a three year support programme • Funded by Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs, Art Venture, Cordaid and private sector
  3. 3. Youth In Kenya • Population: approximately 34 million with youth as the majority • 60 % aged below 30 years • 75% of youth un employed or under employed • Kenya faces a big unemployment problem due to, slow economic growth Favouritism and corruption among senior officials. Work experience requirements • Nairobi has the highest population among urban centres in Kenya. • Nairobi, has many informal settlements hosting unemployed youth
  4. 4. Youth in Slums • They have low levels of education • Form a large part of the slum population • Hard working and eager to lead independent lives • Prone to police harassment • Girls prone to early marriage and commercial sexual work • Boys are vulnerable to manipulation by politicians and leaders of vigilant groups • Many avoid crime and form youth groups as employment avenues • They admire and wish to live large like youth from affluent estates
  5. 5. Mathare slum
  6. 6. Youth Groups as Survival Ventures • Well organised community based self help groups • Have income generating projects. • Registered by the government • Utilised as employment avenues • Groups are a shield from police harassment • Some of the activities initiated are:  environmental oriented  production of items for sale  provision of social amenities and  music and dance related activities
  7. 7. YIKE’s Goal Improve income among youths (15-35) in the Nairobi informal settlements Vision A society where youth are able to facilitate their own development
  8. 8. YIKE’s Programmes
  9. 9. Capacity Building Trainings Equipment boost
  10. 10. Youth Information centre
  11. 11. Community Advocacy Events
  12. 12. YIKE Programmes Continued… • Linking youth to financiers through its youth desk • Networking and partnering • Recent: peacebuilding YIKE’s grassroots approach: • Community connection • Staff from the community • Consulting youth on most issues • Close monitoring, evaluation, learning and implementation
  13. 13. South-South Exchange • YIKE and Up to You Too collaborate in setting up YITA (Youth Initiatives Tanzania) in Dar es salaam • YIKE staff to train groups and trainers in Dar • YIKE involved at a strategic level; sharing of best practices
  14. 14. YIKE’sachievements?
  15. 15. YIKE’s Achievements • Uniting and facilitating • Growth and uniqueness social traffic due to openness and • Youth with confidence and ability to learn self-esteem • Helping youth increase income • Giving the youth credibility • Volunteering/learning opportunities
  16. 16. YIKE’s challenges?
  17. 17. Challenges • Our work is slow, meaningful changes within groups take time • Mentality of the youth • Catch 22 • High pressure work environment for staff • Collision with other organisations in working with the groups • Some groups fall apart
  18. 18. Thank you, Asanteni, Bedankt! www.yike.org www.uptoyoutoo.org