#SICdiscapacitat Andrew Azzopardi presents My Life


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#SICdiscapacitat Andrew Azzopardi presents My Life

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. 2 What We Believe We believe that everyone, regardless of who they are, has the right to live in a way suited to their choice, independence and dignity. That with the right support , framework and by promoting independence, dignity and trust anyone can reach their level of independence, living a sustained independent life can be achieve for those living with learning disabilities
  3. 3. 3 Who We Are? MyLife is an innovative new approach in supporting young adults with learning disabilities work towards independent living, developed within Sunnyside House Care Homes over the last 4 years. The programme has been designed to prepare its learners for various levels of independent living placement, including social housing, warden assisted and full community placement. MyLife empowering learners with the skills, knowledge and courage to embrace and believe in their personal learning journey.
  4. 4. 4 Hallmarks of Success The MyLife Programme Is a Journey Not a Race! The MyLife Programme is About Quality Not Quantity! MyLife Programme is to be Enjoyed!
  5. 5. 5 My Life Structure READY STEADY GO READY modules: STEADY modules: GO modules: 1 - Lifelong Learning 1 - Personal Hygiene 1 - Health & Safety 2 - Managing Change 2 - Healthy Eating 2 - Job Search 3 - Time Management 3 - Keeping Fit & Active 3 - Travel 4 - Stress Management 4 - Communication 4 - Housing 5 - Citizenship 5 - Relationships 6 - Confidence Building 6 - Assertiveness 7 - Equality & Diversity 8 - Dealing with Conflict 9 - Money Management
  6. 6. 6 Module Programme Delivery MyLife Programmes are Built On  One-to-One Discussions  Group Discussions  Written Activities & Quizzes  Questions & Answers  Attendance of Learning/Training Workshops  Visits to Various Places  External Communications/Contacts  Skills Practice  One-to-One Coaching/Feedback
  7. 7. 7 Module Programme Structure MyLife Programmes are Structured On  21 Modules (More Coming)  630 Hours + Training  3-4 Years Intense Training Delivery  1:4 Tutor/Learner Ratio  Professionally Qualified ML Trainers  Professionally Qualified ML Assessors  Yearly MyLife Accreditation Programmes  Client Assessment & Baseline Measurement  Trainer Reporting & Feedback
  8. 8. 8 Example of Exercises Completing The Module you will;  Have identified your own personal development goals for the Lifelong learning module  Engage in a process of lifelong learning understand what is meant by lifelong learning  Be able to plan your own lifelong learning Journey understand the benefits of lifelong learning  Understand the different learning opportunities available to you  Have developed your own personal Learning Plan and reflected upon your learning journey for the Lifelong Learning module
  9. 9. 9Example of ExercisesConfidence Building
  10. 10. 10Example of ExercisesTransition Flat
  11. 11. 11Example of ExercisesTravel Training Kingsland high street, Hackney Tomorrow 38 Angel Dalston 10 to 15 Minutes 2 or 3 hours going to see friends 8:39 AM 12:29PM £3.40 Phone, money, oyster card, disabled bus card and my coat
  12. 12. 12Example of EvidenceAllan Allan moved to Sunnyside house in September 2008 aged 24 and had been a “Selective Mute” for 7 years. Allan had become comfortable not speaking, preferring to write things down, nod or shake his head or use eye contact to communicate with Sunnyside staff. Intensive target based 1:1 sessions with My LIFE trainers over the following year allowed Allan to make significant development, including Allan using a karaoke machine for building confidence to make sounds. On 19th November 2009, he wrote that he wanted to talk again, which he now does every day, without hesitation. Allan is now integrating socially, eats with friends, cooks basic meals and has gained additional life-skills, including travelling in the community and paying his bills.
  13. 13. 13Example of EvidenceGavin Gavin (25) has lived at Sunnyside for just over 4 years. After focusing on his budgeting, travel training and communication at Sunnyside he landed a fantastic opportunity with a placement job at Thurrock Council. He is currently taking the final step of his independence training in our transition flat before expecting to move into the community in 2013!
  14. 14. 14Example of EvidenceCatherine Catherine (37) moved into her new flat in September 2010 having been at Sunnyside House since 2009 and was provided 1-2-1 MyLife training throughout her time at the care home. Catherine said “I wanted to learn how to look after myself in my own flat. I know how to budget now and I can cook for myself and pay my own bills. I also got a job in a charity shop when I lived at Sunnyside.” Catherine visits Sunnyside on a regular basis to see the friends that she made.
  15. 15. 15Example of EvidenceKelly Kelly moved into Sunnyside in June 2009 to start her independence journey. Her MyLife training grew her confidence significantly whilst she developed her independent living skills. Kelly move into the MyLife transition flat in May 2011, our bridge between the care home and independent living, where learners live independently and put all they have learned into practice, in preparation for making the transition to living in the community. Kelly moved into her own flat in 2011 and is sustaining her cherished independence through regular outreach support at significantly reduced cost to the local authority compared to 24/7 residential care.
  16. 16. 16What We’ve Achieved Essex Business Innovation Most Effective New National UK Approach Winner of the “Winners” New Company Staff Training And Education & Life Long Learning Development Young Entrepreneur
  17. 17. 17MyLife Future PhaseExtended Module Development Development of MyLife On-line (2013) Beta Version Soon Available Development of Social Media Outreach Extended Social Outreach Deliver /Home Support Local Authority Pilots Pilot Tenders with Leading UK Authorities Private Care Home Pilots
  18. 18. 18MyLife ConclusionTo conclude, My L.I.F.E was developed with the purpose to assist as many people as possible to live as independently as possible by using innovative, easy read materials whether that be in paper or online format.Our designs always have our learners in mind and now we have successfully pilotedthis in a more controlled environment we are looking to release this into the market so that as many vulnerable people as possible can benefit from the independence skills learned. The benefits of My L.I.F.E are quite simply to empower learners to live more independently whilst saving paying authorities money at a time when innovative and cost effective solutions are required.At the same time, it is fun, exciting and a great way for learners to spend their time doing something productive and beneficial .
  19. 19. 19 MyLife Questions / Answers ?
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