#SICturisme Wendy Brawer presents OpenGreenMap


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Presentación de Wendy Brawer, fundadora de Open Green Map, en la jornada ¿Cómo mitigar el impacto del turismo masivo en Barcelona?

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#SICturisme Wendy Brawer presents OpenGreenMap

  1. 1. Responsible, Creativeand Enriching Tourism …
  2. 2. Local NYC Green Map projects since 1992
  3. 3. Locally made Green Maps highlight natural, cultural, social innovationand green living sites using Green Map System’s global icons andtools 854 cities in 65 countries are involved
  4. 4. Every project uses Green Map’s award-winning icons toidentify, promote and link thousands of assets and challenges multi-lingual posters at GreenMap.org/icons Barcelona’s Farmers & Robeson US’s Sun Factory Artisans Market kayak tours Yogyakarta ID’s Breda NL’s Fuel Geologic Feature Eco Center Alternatives
  5. 5. Led by community groups, NGOs, schools, enterprises, tourismand city agencies, each in their own way
  6. 6. Our office supports direct participation with adaptabletools and best practices, helping each achieve their goals Icons, Guides, Infrastructure, Multimedia Resources, Archives, Strategic Consulting, Workshops, Event Support and more
  7. 7. Green Map projects have produced cultural events,workshops, tours, site markers, performances, videos andmore
  8. 8. Selected Awards 10 Days of Climate Action 2012 Open Green Map’s Victor J Papanek Social Design Award 2011 awards Treehugger Best of Green US National 2011 Sustainability Award: New Communications Tools Living Labs Global 2010 United Nations Global Best Practices 100 INDEX Awards Finalist 2009 Cause / Affect The Tech Awards Laureate Tele Atlas Maps in Apps Spirit of the Land - Salt Lake City Olympics NetSquared EXPO 2000 Project Award the World We Media Pitch It
  9. 9. Open Green Map is our interactive social mapping platform – it’sused online, on mobile phones and as embedded maps usingwidgets 30,000 sites 330 maps 37 countries New
  10. 10. Our set of icons brands inviting and practical sites for tourists. The set is used as an ‘inventory tool’ by MapmakersEco Spiritual Site Landmark Dining Historical FeatureMemorialEcoTourism Resource Park Green EnterpriseWC
  11. 11. Many use a mix of our tools to reach residents and visitors.Example: Cape Town, as part of the greening of 2010 FIFAWorld Cup Games
  12. 12. Now one of 3 ‘legacy projects’, the impacts on Cape Town’stourismindustry is growing, with regional plans in the works This ongoing interactive and print map project is directed by the City’s Sustainability Office. Awards and ongoing innovation: 2010 International Olympic Committee Best Sport and the Environment Award World Design Capital 2014 4 print editions lightbox @ CapeTownGreenMap.co.za
  13. 13. In Barcelona, Petz Scholtus and Poko Design are innovating newapproaches video link
  14. 14. Guerilla Green Map overlay can be downloaded orpicked up at Tourist Info, along with the standard map for visitors
  15. 15. Annual Green Map trainings help local villagers andIndonesian mapmakers preserve Borobudur World Heritagespiritual site
  16. 16. 70 Japanese cities have created Green Maps. Many supporttourism – especially regional ecotourism
  17. 17. Society for Protection of Nature in Israel’s Jerusalem branchco-initiated the global Green Pilgrimage Network Jerusalem Israel SPNI InitiativesNew website & religious school tools
  18. 18. Alliance for Religion & Conservation’s Green Pilgrimage Programhas a dynamic handbook and next week, major symposium for600 delegates http://arcworld.org/ http://greenpilgrimjerusalem.org/
  19. 19. We support hyper-local tourism in NYC with our Adapting toChange post-Sandy map and tour series
  20. 20. Transformative award winning social mapping platform.Prototype launched in mid 2009 Open Green Map: • lowers technological and financial barriers to online mapping • increases participation, exchange and impacts • make content sharable and useful in different ways • 8 language interface for worldwide exploration
  21. 21. Categorized by the icons, it’s easy to understand andcontribute to the site data
  22. 22. The icons, mapmaker and nearby maps are featured onthe sidebar, which can be used to filter the data
  23. 23. This successful proof of concept is now used in 37countries.Now – we are re-factoring to shortcomings of its design
  24. 24. Meta development is now underway. How can it betterserve responsible tourism in Barcelona and other cities? Meta Green Map (working title, “Meta”) will separate our data storage from the tools that collect, categorize, analyze and render that data. Meta will refactor the contents into lightweight publicly defined APIs. Meta will move us from providing data as entire maps, to enabling new and unanticipated uses of that data in contexts and collaborations substantially different from the original map. Surveys, discovery, forum and fundraising
  25. 25. 170 Green Map Icons are provided as a font, images or GISscript. Evolving to reflect new trends, the set will be extendedsoonEco Products Climate Changed Area Bike SiteNatural/Greenway Farm Animals Food Bank Eco Expert Green Building
  26. 26. Surveys, discovery, forums and fundraising areunderway.Fall 2013 soft launch anticipated
  27. 27. How can SIC, Green Map, Poko Design and participantsin Barcelona contribute to responible tourism together?Tools • Resources • Funding • Partners •Opportunities
  28. 28. Think Global, Map Local! GreenMap.org Wendy Brawer - Founding Directorweb@greenmap.org +1 212 674 1631facebook.com/greenmap @GreenMap Barcelona Green Map Petz Scholtus pokodesign.com