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ACSI one page eng


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ACSI is an initiative to address social challenges with proven innovations and catalyse the transfer of successful innovations among European cities. The five partner cities (Athens, Barcelona, Lisbon, Rotterdam and Stockholm) have searched together for the most efficient and scalable responses and then explore individually their local implementation. This one-page explains how the project works.

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ACSI one page eng

  1. 1. CATALYSING THE TRANSFER OF SUCCESSFUL INNOVATIONS AMONG EUROPEAN CITIES THE NEED THE RESPONSE THE PROCESS EXPECTED OUTCOMES More effective, efficient and sustainable solutions to promote social inclusion A process driven by demand The search for innovations is driven by the needs and priorities as jointly agreed by participant cities, and the levers for change identified, with support from UpSocial. Building capacity of finding scalable responses Identifying existing innovations successfully responding to each challenge. Focus on adapting and adopting social innovations Bringing together innovators and local actors to adapt and implement them, and capturing the learnings on how to transfer social innovation from one place to another. Capacity to identify existing solutions and knowledge on how to adapt and adopt social innovations General problem of scale: many problems are larger than the current responses Worldwide research of proven innovations 5 cities 3 social challanges Local selection Social innovations being implemented in each city, and generating social outcomes for better employment and social inclusion. Knowledge about adapting, adopting, scaling up and transferring social innovations and best practices shared internationally. Other cities access relevant information about evidence-based interventions and how to explore their implementation. More information: Implemented by Donors In collaboration with Adaptation model of the selected innovations Research criteria Evidence of impact Replication experience Sustainability model ACCELERATING CHANGE FOR SOCIAL INCLUSION By engaging key actors in each city in the selection of the innovations that best fit their local context. 250 60 initiatives analysed shortlisted innovations ATHENS BARCELONA LISBON ROTTERDAM STOCKHOLM Implementation led by the City Council or by other local actors committed to social inclusion. Children at risk of exclusion Youth Unemployment Long-term Unemployment