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Learn More About the UpShot Solution

  1. 1. August15,2013 1 400 Million Daily Cups – Are you in the game? GAME CHANGER
  2. 2. Innovation with Purpose TheBeginningof UpShot™ • Challenged by clients to offer a new solution for single-serve • Re-engage consumers at home • Capture at-home customer – stop store traffic decline • Desire to have a better business model • Benefit of a better at-home brew • Fresh brewed – not prepacked • Provide convenience and savings (per cup) • Over 2 years in development • Started with the at-home filter • Consumer to fill with bulk coffee and brew at-home • Allows customer brands to have solution for home brewing • Evolved into the full UpShot™ Solution • Based on open technology • Designed for roasters and brands to get into the game August15,2013 2
  3. 3. Awareness From 2005 to 2013 awareness of single-serve brewing systems grew 23% Industry Drivers Three driving forces in single- serve are taste & quality, ease of use, and convenience More A-Home Brewers In 2013, 12% of U.S. Households own a single- cup brewing system 2 Cups Per Day Those who drink coffee prepared with a single-cup system drink 2.2 cups per day on average First Place Coffee is the most popular beverage to prepare with a single-serve brewer The Single Serve Format 2012: Evolving Perceptions Continued Growth, National Coffee Association (NCA) Datasstentials – 2013 National Coffee Drinking Trends (Preview of Results) Single-Serve Is Booming! TheUpShot™ SolutionAllows BusinessestoTakeAdvantageof theGrowingSingle-Serve Market August15,2013 3
  4. 4. UpShot™ Single-Serve Solution Better Coffee. Better Business. Levels the playing field Satisfies both consumer & business demands Offers a unique, customizab le single-serve solution Provides packaging options that fit any business model Consumers can see and smell their favorite roast Royalty-free for greater business margin opportunity Filter and outer packaging are 100% recyclable August15,2013 4
  5. 5. How Can the UpShot™ Solution Work for You? Brands Build and/or leverage your brand with single-serve Retailers Extend your coffee aisle Foodservice Discover a better coffee opportunity Office Coffee Service Offer your own brand Roasters Get in the game on your terms August15,2013 5
  6. 6. The UpShot™ Filter Format Recycle with #5 plastics Sealed with Coffee Clear Frame Non-Woven Mesh August15,2013 6 Unique Filter Design Harnesses LBP’s Extensive Technology Expertise
  7. 7. Innovative Filter Technology UpshotBreaks Out of the Category KEURIG is a registered trademark of Keurig, Inc., which is not affiliated or associated with LBP Manufacturing. Water flows into the filter and through the roast Mesh filter accommodates up to 13 grams for your ideal single- serve coffee or tea Brewed coffee flows through the mesh filter and into your cup August15,2013 7 • Proprietary mesh allows consumers to see the blend and smell the aroma • Greater capacity allows for optimal brew • BPA Free • Recyclability distinguishes itself from other products • Made from 100% polypropylene • Recyclable with other #5 plastics • This product may not be recyclable in all areas. Check with local municipalities for recycling options. • Partnered with Waste Management to validate sustainable life of product – “Design with Intent” • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_bYGV0yISk • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIZuy_6FOHY Compatible with Keurig® and Other Single-Serve Brewers
  8. 8. Consumer Preference DrivingCategoryTowardFreshness,Variety &Sustainability August15,2013 8 • Category & Consumer Research • Taste + Cost + Variety = Desire for a better single-serve alternative • Consumer Usage • “I like that it is recyclable.” • Purchasing Habits • “If this was filled with my favorite roast, I would definitely purchase.” • “At the right price point, I know this is saving me money.” • Today’s Consumer Appreciate the Difference! • “When I see the coffee – I am reassured about the quality and taste integrity.” • “I can SEE & SMELL the coffee – seems more fresh.” • “The coffee definitely seems more fresh.” “The coffee is in a filter so you get to smell the beautiful aroma before you brew it” July 2013 Amazon.com Review
  9. 9. Lidding Film Lidding Film Filter Filter Cell Bottom Cell Top Flow Wrap Fresh Seal Offering for Foodservice and Retail Thefreshseal surroundsthefilterandprotectscoffeefrom oxygen,moistureand UV light! THERMOCELL™ Fresh Seal – Recycle with #7 plastics* Flow Wrap Fresh Seal – Recycle with #7 plastics* *This product may not be recyclable in all areas. Check with local municipalities for recycling options. August15,2013 9
  10. 10. Lock in Freshness with the Proper Outer Packaging August15,2013 10
  11. 11. Ready for the Retail Shelf IndividualwrappedUpShot™Filterscanbepackedintoaboxthatfitson existingshelfspace, similartothecurrentcategoryleader. 12 18 24 August15,2013 11
  12. 12. Range of Options for the Upshot™ Filter What’stheBest SolutionforyourBusiness? Purchase Equipment for Inline Filling & Packing • Invest in packaging equipment. Pre-qualified equipment fills and lids individual filters Co-Pack with a Trusted Partner • Purchase capacity from businesses that have already installed UpShot filter packaging equipment Convert Equipment • Retrofit existing machinery to accommodate UpShot filters August15,2013 12
  13. 13. Connect with Us on Another Level Join in on the Conversation, Today! Follow Us @UpShotSolution Like Us Facebook/UpShotSolution Contact Us www.upshotsolution.com August15,2013 13See “How it Works” http://www.upshotsolution.com /innovation#how-it-works
  14. 14. August15,2013 14 SUCCESS: Brewed a Single Cup at a Time ©2013 LBP Manufacturing, Inc. The ‘Filter in the Circle’ is a trademark of LBP Manufacturing. Patent (s) Pending.