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ACS tedxs


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ACS tedxs

  1. 1. 11.10.2012 TEDxKabul
  2. 2. ACSC The Afghan Citadel Software Company (ACSC) is a full-service information technology (IT) solutions provider serving emerging markets.  Operation: Herat Incubator, Kabul, NYC  Workforce: 18 + professional staff  Industry expertise: finical services, government, telecommunication, health care and education.  Core Business: IT infrastructure, social media, enterprise application, mobile application, web development
  3. 3. SOFTWARE, SOCIAL AND DIGITALMEDIA DEVELOPMENT Four major keys for developing a country:  Economy  Human Rights  Government  Leadership Why involve women Why involve women in social and digital in social and digital media activities ? media activities ?  Women’s support + 4 major keys = software, social and digital media development  More finance + less opposition
  4. 4. FIILM ANNEX PARTNER OF ACSC Get Sponsored, meaning "make money with your videos and blogs." Film Annex is a company with over 57 million unique viewers  35,000 professional films and videos. “All content is monitored by an Afghan Editorial team so its safe for Islamic standards” 300,000 registered users including .
  5. 5. AFGHAN DEVELOPMENT PROJECT Afghan development web Afghan development web channel channelHere is some data as of June 2012 til October :• Facebook: Over 35,000 fans• Quantcast: Over 5.7 million unique visits per month• Afghan Development WebTV raised over $133,524 dollars and 50%share belongs to ACSC• Corporate Backers: We have established relationships with two of themost successful Ad-Networks in the industry.• Students: Connected 20,000 student until now
  6. 6. BUILDING SCHOOLS INAFGHANISTAN Five school connected by the Internet More then 20,000 female students get benefit 35 more schools for the pilot project Goal is to connected 1000 Goal is to connected 1000 schools in Afghanistan schools in Afghanistan
  7. 7. WOMEN EMPOWERMENT Writing and Blogging Online advertising Email Marketing Film-making “The more software is installed, the more power is given to women” More videos and more written content =  More Female Management = More Opportunities for Women
  8. 8. WHAT IS THE EXAMEREDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE ? A free online education software designed and developed by Afghan Women. A place where we can monitor best students and reward them with micro-scholarships paid with mobile payment systems, like the Better then cash Alliance. A platform to teach social media to Afghan Students and get them online. A starting point for Film Annex to scout the best writers, developers and filmmakers and get hired by Film Annex and other international companies.
  9. 9. WHY DID WE CREATE THEBUSINESS DIGITAL INUCBATOR ? To have experts and thought leaders express opinions and pledge support. Generate revenue with additional video content and online data. Get major ad networks and technology companies to be involved in building INTERNET classrooms without traveling to Afghanistan.