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Hangout Session with Rachit Jain


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Google Adwords; Search Engine Marketing

Published in: Education
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Hangout Session with Rachit Jain

  1. 1. Google AdWords Campaign Creation & Best Practices
  2. 2. The disclaimers first Campaign Creation & Best Practices | ●  Views are mine, Not Google’s ●  I know a bit about SEM, not about SEO
  3. 3. Agenda Campaign Creation & Best Practices | ●  Internet Marketing – Overview ●  Google AdWords ●  Type of campaigns in AdWords ●  Building an AdWords campaign ●  Understanding AdWords Pricing
  4. 4. Internet Marketing Overview ●  Over 300Mn Internet users in India ●  Approx. 60% Male; 40% - Female ●  YouTube reach – Approx. 80 Mn users ●  55% of Watch time for YouTube comes from Mobile
  5. 5. Digital marketing tools ● Search marketing - ● Keywords based; Cost per Click; ● Display ● Market on basis of content of webpage – Keywords; Topics; Websites ● Market to specific audiences : Interests/ Affinity; In-market audiences ● Re-marketing / Retargeting – Market to past users / buyers ● Mobile ● Advertise on in-app ads – To promote Apps; Click to Call ● Video ● Run your video ads like you run TV commercials – Targeted audiences ● E-Mail ads – Gmail Ads ● Social media ads – Not covered in this presentation J
  6. 6. Campaign Goals Advertisers should identify specific goals for their AdWords advertising and manage the campaigns based on those goals. Campaign Creation & Best Practices | What’s the goal? ●  Increase traffic to business website ○  Focus on clicks, CTR, keyword performance, search terms ●  Increase sales or other types of conversions ○  Focus on conversion data, destination URLs ●  Raise brand awareness ○  Focus on impressions, customer engagement, reach and frequency ●  Increase return-on-investment ○  Focus on conversions
  7. 7. About campaign types ●  Search Network Only Your ad will show on Google search sites, including Google Search, Shopping, Maps, Images, and Groups, as well as sites that partner with Google, like AOL. Display Network Only Your ad will show on Google's network of partner websites, as well as on Google sites like Gmail, YouTube, Blogger, and Google Finance. ●  Search with Display Select Your ad will show on the Google Search Network and the Google Display Network (GDN). This is a good choice if you want your ads to reach the widest possible set of customers. Campaign Creation & Best Practices |
  8. 8. Additional Campaign Types Shopping Campaigns (search network) Ads serve based on relevancy between search query and inventory list within Google Merchant Center. Dynamic Search Ads (search network) Ads serve based on relevancy between search query and website content. Remarketing (display network) Ads serve to pre-existing user list based on website visitors. Mobile Apps (display network) Ads serve on GDN and AdMob network on iOS and Android devices. Engagement Campaigns (display network) Interactive rich media ads Campaign Creation & Best Practices |
  9. 9. Search campaign options (sample) Campaign Creation & Best Practices |
  10. 10. Planning AdWords campaigns Settings for each Campaign include: Budget Geographic Targeting Network Targeting Language Device Bid Adjustments (mobile, location, and ad schedule) Important questions to consider: What products/services does your business offer? How does your business differ from your competitors'? Who is your core audience/customer base? Where do you provide services (local/regional/national, online/offline)? Campaign Creation & Best Practices |
  11. 11. Campaign structure best practices Structure each campaign around one goal Separate campaigns by theme or product line Align campaign structure with website structure Campaign names should describe specific products/services Campaign Creation & Best Practices |Organize Your AdWords Account to Maximize Your Success
  12. 12. Campaign creation demo Campaign Creation & Best Practices | 1. Create Campaign Review Campaign Types 2. Review Campaign Settings: o  Location Targeting o  Language Targeting o  Bidding Options & Adjustments o  Budget Options o  Edit Campaign Settings
  13. 13. Key Takeaways Campaign Creation & Best Practices | ●  Campaign structure may vary based on client goals, website structure, or items being promoted. ●  Clients can target a combination of networks or a single network. ●  Campaign settings can be edited at any time.
  14. 14. Determining the pricing ● Not minimum commitment ● Scalable Insights on the AdWords Auction
  15. 15. Thank you! Campaign Creation & Best Practices |
  16. 16. Loose ends Campaign Creation & Best Practices | What is a Network? When you advertise with AdWords, you’ll be showing your ads on one or both of Google’s advertising networks: the Google Search Network and the Google Display Network. The network setting determines which of these networks your campaign’s ads will appear on and the types of ad formats that you can use. What is a bid? When you select each keyword, you can choose how much you're willing to pay when a customer searches on that keyword and clicks your ad. This is your keyword's maximum cost-per-click, or max CPC, bid amount.
  17. 17. Campaign types: Search & Display, SNDS Campaign Creation & Best Practices | Standard: Keyword targeted text ads for Search and Display Networks Available Features Unavailable Features Basic location targeting Basic bidding and budget settings Common ad text extensions (inclusion of a phone number, URL, location, or social link) Language Targeting Advanced social/experimental settings Ad scheduling and ad delivery method options Advanced location options Mobile app extensions Advanced keyword matching IP exclusions The Display Network tab, including targeting methods such as managed placements and topics Dynamic tracking URLs All Features: All features and options available Available Features Unavailable Features All the standard features, plus ad delivery methods, and all ad extensions None SNDS - Display Network tab
  18. 18. Campaign types: Search only Campaign Creation & Best Practices | Standard All Features Available Features Unavailable Features ●  Same as SNDS ●  Same as SNDS Available Features Unavailable Features ●  All the standard settings, plus ad delivery methods, and all ad extensions ●  None
  19. 19. Campaign types: Display only All Features: All the features and options available for Display Network Available Features Unavailable Features All the standard settings Option to target by operating systems, device models, carriers, and wireless networks Ad delivery methods, and all ad extensions None Campaign Creation & Best Practices |
  20. 20. Changing 'Campaign Type' Campaign Creation & Best Practices | Changing campaign types can affect your campaign's performance and ad serving, or hide and deactivate certain features. We've disabled the option to change between some kinds of campaign types to help you avoid these issues: