Edulearn 2018: UP2U pilot in Greece

Feb. 1, 2019

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Edulearn 2018: UP2U pilot in Greece

  1. UP2U, BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN SCHOOLS AND UNIVERSITIES THROUGH INFORMAL EDUCATION: THE FIRST MINIMUM VIABLE PRODUCT/ THE FIRST PILOT TRAINING IN GREECE GRNET, Up2University Consortium Ilias Hatzakis 3/7/2018 EDULEARN 2018, Palma de Mallorca 1 Presented By: Antonio Vieira de Castro ISEP, Up2University Consortium
  2. Up2University • European project • Next generation digital learning ecosystem • Merges technology with pedagogy • Objective: bridge the gap between secondary and higher education • Active for 1,5 year now 16/08/18 2
  3. 16/08/18 3 Minimum Viable Product
  4. Up2U NGDLE caracteristics • Federated access (SSO) • Learning management system (Moodle) • Sync’n’share functionality (Owncloud) • Storage provision (EOS storage) • Open multimedia content (eduOER) • Learning interactive content (H5P) • Rich Notebooks (SWAN/ Jupyter) • Authoring tools (SelCont/ Personal Recorder) • Native repository (Dspace) • Real time communication (Knockplop) • Learning analytics (2nd phase) • Project based learning and end-to-end learning scenarios 16/08/18 4
  5. • In February 2018, the 1st MVP was released, delivered and tested to the 1st pilot country, Greece. 70 teachers from 8 Greek pilot schools were trained, during four 4-hour face to face courses, to the use of the NGDLE. They created their own content and courses on the platform, gave their feedback and evaluation and are ready to use it for creating an environment for creative student projects across Greece. • In the paper we explain the functionality of the NGDLE and present the feedback and evaluation from the first user experience. 16/08/18 5
  6. 16/08/18 6 Number of ICT training courses that teachers have completed in the last 5 years 0 1 2 3 4 5 Number of Number of Pedagogical training courses that teachers have completed in the last 5 years 0 1 2 3 4 Number of
  7. Four 4-hour classes/ NTUA premises 16/08/18 7
  8. Creation of moodle courses…. 16/08/18 8
  9. …through federated access… 16/08/18 9
  10. …Using all kinds of tools like eduOER… Provider: Photodentro Search Box: Acropolis 16/08/18 10
  11. Repositories available today EDULEARN 17 11 Cocoon: Collections de Corpus Oraux Numeriques DLESE: Digital Library for Earth System Education FGV: Repositório Digital FGV LB: Language Box MANIOC: Digital library on the Caribbean, the Amazon, the Guyana Plateau NE_RESOURCES --> Natural Europe (Resources Set) ORGANIC_EDUNET --> Organic Edunet PHAIDRA: Permanent Hosting, Archiving and Indexing of Digital Resources and Assets SERPENT --> SERPENT Image & Video Database UAL --> University of Arts London UNSPOD --> University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis Stanford University - EN Campus Do Mar – Vigo University – ES National Distance Education Repo – ES University of Leon - ES FCCN – Educast Repository – POR ELTE Hungary – Digital Institutional Repo – HU Photodentro – EL University of Crete - EL Parntnership for advanced computing - EN MAOR – Metadata and Object Repo – IS GSPACE: Repository of Agricultural Research Outputs CIRcle: University of British Columbia's Information
  12. …CERNBOX… 16/08/18 12
  13. …H5P interactive content…. 16/08/18 13
  14. ….and many more ….16/08/18 14 ….Dspace Up2U….
  15. Thank you! Presented By: Antonio Vieira de Castro ISEP, Up2University Consortium