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CHEP 2018 Conference: The EU Up to University Project - Bridging the gap between secondary and higher education

In January 2017, a consortium of European companies, research labs, universities, and education networks started the “Up to University” project (Up2U). Up2U is a 3-year EU-funded project that aims at creating a bridge between high schools and higher education. Up2U addresses both the technological and methodological gaps between secondary school and higher education by (a.) provisioning the tools commonly used in academia and big science to secondary school students and by (b.) training and enabling teachers to use new technologies and experiment with novel pedagogical methods in their lectures.

Up2U proposes the development of an innovative e-learning environment for high school students and teachers. This is a platform consisting of tools for real-time interactions on-line, educational content harvesting, lectures recording and publishing, document creation, collaborative editing, cloud file storage and sharing. All tools are open source, accessible from a web interface and entirely cloud-based. More importantly, they can be easily distributed and allow for portability leveraging on container technologies. This gives the possibility to National Research and Education Networks (NRENs), or even individual schools, to deploy the Up2U platform on their cloud infrastructure, customizing and scaling the deployment according to their needs.

The ultimate goal of Up2U is to remove the disconnection between high schools and higher education by creating new communities of interested people sharing and improving high-quality educational content, re-elaborating scientific papers to make them accessible by a wider audience, and using the same technology tools and components. In such a way, students now in high schools will have the unique opportunity to experiment and familiarize with tools, approaches, and methodologies used by scientists in demanding environments and consequently develop the required skills for a seamless transition to university.
Primary authors
Enrico Bocchi (CERN) Jakub Moscicki (CERN) Enric Tejedor Saavedra (CERN)

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CHEP 2018 Conference: The EU Up to University Project - Bridging the gap between secondary and higher education

  1. 1. Up to University Contact: The Up2University Project CERN Cloud Technology for Up2U Let Students Use Big Science Tools Education & Research Community Growing Interest in Education from Physicists: Cloud Sync and Share Community: • Open Cloud Mesh Multi-vendor API to connect sync and share clouds across silos borders Open Source Highly-scalable Storage Synchronization and Sharing Interactive Notebooks in a Web Browser Science Box EC Call ICT-22-2016: Technologies for Learning and Skills 5M EUR funding for 3 years 12 countries in Europe 18 partners: Academia, Research, Industry, NRENs Objective: Bridge the gap between secondary schools, higher education, and the research domain  Adapt technology and methodology  Get kids interested and involved in science early on Target Audience: 12-18y old students and their teachers Always-on Education • Formal Courses, assignments, … • Informal Experimentation, peer-to-peer learning, social interactions Up2U Ecosystem Docker-based package with storage, sync & share, and interactive notebooks Pilot Service for Up2U: • Deployable on any cloud infrastructure  CERN  Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center • Highly customizable and scalable • Elastic provisioning of resources CERN IT-Storage: Enrico Bocchi Jakub Mościcki Teachers Students Notebooks • Students and teachers work using their browser • Educational notebooks live in the CERNBox storage • Foster sharing and reutilization of educational resources Report and Present Analyse Share