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ALTA2018 Up2U Presentation by G.Cibulskis & R.Kutas

Presentation of Horizon2020 program project "Up to University – Bridging the Gap between Schools and Universities through Informal Education (Up2U)" and National infrastructure of Next Generation Digital Learning Environment for Schools during the International Conference ALTA'2018 at Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania.

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ALTA2018 Up2U Presentation by G.Cibulskis & R.Kutas

  1. 1. Challenges and Solutions in Building National Infrastructure of Up2U Next Generation Digital Learning Environment for Schools Gytis Cibulskis, Remigijus Kutas Kaunas University of Technology ALTA2018, 5 of December, 2018, Kaunas
  2. 2. Up to University To bridge the gap between secondary schools and higher education by better integrating formal and informal learning scenarios and adapting technologies and methodology that students will be facing in universities 1. To assess the use of public and private cloud-based infrastructure services 2. To design and develop a scalable and flexible integrated “application toolbox” 3. To build and train the learning community for the specific learning context 4. To test the infrastructure service components and the application toolbox through very large-scale pilots 5. To define an effective sustainability and exploitation framework 2
  3. 3. School vs. University 3
  4. 4. Up2U Consortium 18 partners • Universities • NRENs • Infrastructure providers • Commercials 12 countries • EU • Switzerland • Israel
  5. 5. 5
  6. 6. 6 Next Generation Digital Learning Environment From LMS to NGDLE From a Walled Yard... an Open Garden.
  7. 7. Application Toolbox Up2Universe 8
  8. 8. Challenges for offering services to Schools GDPR Every school wants it’s own VLE Different Identity Providers are used (Google Apps for Education, MS O365, Support and the updating of the infrastructure Scalability of infrastructure to handle big amounts of users Lack of teachers’ skills in using tools 9
  9. 9. Setting up of Up2U infrastructure Multi-tenant Moodle platform is established and offered to schools as part of Lithuanian ENREN (LITNET) services. GDPR is to be included into the general LITNET service agreement. Integration of tools from Up2University toolbox has been started: WebRTC based videoconferencing H5P tool for interactive content creation Owncloud Nationalwide IdM (IdP currently via LDAP, in future – Saml2) 10
  10. 10. up2universe
  11. 11. Identity Management 12
  12. 12. Site with school registration and FAQ
  13. 13. List of Lithuanian schools mokyklu-sarasas 14
  14. 14. Maintenance dashboard
  15. 15. Moodle Health Check
  16. 16. Google Analytics
  17. 17. Pilot users and scalability testing ~70 schools has already activated their VLE at ~9000 users are already registered on the platform National Olympiad of Environment protection took place in November 20 on Up2U ~120 schools ~1400 students 18
  18. 18. Teacher training CPD Special training session for teachers of Young Computer Users School in October CPD Module1 in Lithuanian language is approved as official qualification development program Trainings according approved CPD program ongoing in November-December with 15 selected teachers Fully online training program is under preparation and will start in the beginning of next year CPD Module2 will follow with covering more tools and learning scenarios 19
  19. 19. Questions? Follow us: 20