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Alt c 2015 open


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Presentation given at ALT-C September 2015 about developments at the University of Glasgow

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Alt c 2015 open

  1. 1. ALT-C 2015 Reasons to be open – embracing the digital landscape Kerr Gardiner Learning & Teaching Centre
  2. 2. “Business Case” is it worth it “OPEN” not in the vocabulary “Research vs Teaching” priorities “Traditional” campus based & face-to-face Slide 1 BACKGROUND “Digital Landscape” changing world “Embrace don’t Add” tech is still added “Transform not Translate” think differently CHANGES
  3. 3. “E-Learning Benchmarking” institutional capability “Digital Natives Surveys” provided local data “Literature” team reading reviews for projects team writings Slide 2 EVIDENCE “Local Activity” UoG projects “Strategic Engagement” senior managers resource buy-in “Mainstream” part of the day job embedded “Projects” focus test-bed APPROACH
  4. 4. “E-Learning Strategy” later than many but essential “Enhancement Themes” QAA Scotland student transitions from f-f to blended “BOLD” UoG online course development ~£2.5M investment “MOOCs” FutureLearn 3 done 9 in pipelinePROJECTS “Show & Tell” UoG student led showcase student TELT activity “OEPS” £1M Govt investment practice not resource “L&T Hub” new student centric learning building
  5. 5. “Learning Technology” adaption of existing tools new tools hub & spoke support “PIP” programme approval adapted “Awareness” L&T committee institutional focus SLIDE 3 “Media Production” investment focus hub & spoke model “Student Services” significant review “Openness” copyright issues control re-use not re-use
  6. 6. “Embed & Mainstream” cottage-industry will fail “Senior Management” get them onboard “Don’t give up” keep plugging away take opportunities as they arise Cairry-oot “Make it Relevant” localise evidence base relate previous experience to current institution “Re-use” in practice hard to re-purpose “Openness” don’t push business case
  7. 7. Digital Landscape What it means for the student Activities What it means for the University Opportunities & challenges only landscape they know connected personal time & space shifted blurred lines between study and home wider access to resources and different delivery methods changed student expectations changing teaching methods infrastructure global challenges changing relationships with students assessment types Co-ordinated activity Celebrate existing activity e-learning strategy enhancement themes physical space staff BYOD strategic funding: • BOLD • MOOCs • LTDF staff development staff support structures delivery methods timescales global market competition turning the tanker digital pedagogy learning literacies in a digital landscape
  8. 8. Are we all on the same planet? Watch to 0’53 and ask
  9. 9. Useful Information University of Glasgow Technology Surveys surveys/firstyeartechnologysurvey/ HEA Flexible Learning research/themes/flexible-learning HEFCW Enhancing Learning & Teaching Through Technology Challenges and Realisations from the Higher Education Academy/JISC Benchmarking and Pathfinder Programmes hFinalReview20080926.pdf
  10. 10. Thank you