A detailed lesson plan in english by Alkhima Macarompis


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A detailed lesson plan in english by Alkhima Macarompis

  1. 1. A Detailed Lesson Plan in EnglishFor 2ndYear High SchoolPrepared by: MACAROMPIS, Alkhima M.I. ObjectivesAt the end of the period, students should be able to:a) Define the voice of a verb;b) Differentiate the active voice and the passive voice;c) Transform sentence to active voice to passive voice; andd) Construct a sentence using the voice of a verb.Values Integration: Developing a genuine speaking skillsII. Subject Matter“Voice of a Verb”References: English Communication Arts and Skills through Afro-Asian Literature byMilagros G. Lapid and Josephine B. Serrano. (pp. 256-259)Basic English Textbook and Workbook (Fourth Edition) by Sharief, Acramanand Gumal. (pp. 103-104)III. MaterialsCartolina, Pentel Pen,Approach: Deductive MethodIV. ProcedureTeacher’s Activity Students’ ActivityA. IntroductionGood Morning Class. Good Morning too Ma’am.Okay. Class, let’s have a pray first. Yes Ma’am.Mr. Gubat, can you lead the prayer? Yes Ma’am.Okay.B. AssignmentClass, did I give you an assignment? Yes Ma’am.Okay, pass it forward.C. ReviewClass, what was our previous topic? Ma’am, it was all about Verb.What do you mean again by Verb? Verb is an action word.Very good.Now, who can give me an exampleand use it in a sentence? She reads a book.
  2. 2. Very good.What is the action word inthe sentence you gave? The action word is reads.Very good!D. MotivationClass, pay attention. Yes Ma’am.(I dropped the pen onto the floor.)Class, what did I do? You dropped the pen.And what happened to the pen? The pen was dropped by you.Notice on the sentences on the board. Analyze itsdifference. It tells us what form of voice of a verband that is what we are going todiscuss now.E. Lesson ProperVoice of a verb indicates whether the subjectis the doer or the receiver of the action.Class, there are two kinds of voice of a verb.Please read. The two kinds of the Voice of a Verbare Active Voice and Passive Voice.How can we say that the sentenceis in the Active voice? The sentence is in the Active Voicewhen the subject is the doer of theaction.Very Good!How about in Passive Voice? It is when the subject is the receiverof the action.Now, let’s use the sentence # 1,“I dropped the pen.”Is it in the active voice or in the passive voice? It is in the active voice.Correct.The subject I is the one who performingthe action dropped, therefore it is in the active voice.Okay.How about in the sentence #2,“The pen was dropped by me”.Is it in the passive or active voice? It is in the passive voice.Correct.
  3. 3. What is now the subject? The object in the sentence #1becomes the subject which is thepen.Very good!The subject which is the pen isthe receiver of the action was dropped.Understood? Yes Ma’am.Now, let’s move on how to transform activevoice to passive voice.We have a pattern in transforming active voiceto passive voice.The object of the active voice will be the subjectplus the past participle of the action word and plus(by somebody else) or third person.Like for example sentence #1.Okay, class read it. She eats an apple.So, it will be “An apple is eaten by her”.Understood? Yes Ma’am.Take note class that when a sentencehas no object, the receiver of the actioncannot be transform to passive. Yes Ma’am.F. GeneralizationWhat is the Voice of a verb? Voice of a verb indicates whether thesubject is the doer or the receiver ofthe action.Very good!What is the difference of the Active Voiceand Passive Voice? The active voice is when the subjectis the doer of the action and thepassive voice is when the subject isthe receiver of the action.Very good!
  4. 4. G. ApplicationTransform the following Active voice to Passive Voice.1. Hataman won the election. The Election was won by Hataman.2. Haine sing a song. A song is sang by Haine.3. She buys the shoes. The shoes is bought by her.4. Asnifah and Abedin read a book. A book was read by Asnifah and Abedin.5. Aimah will eat an orange. An orange will be eaten by Aimah.6. Momay opened the window. The window was opened by Momay.7. Alexander ate the mango float ofNajmah.The Manggo Float of Najmahwas eaten by Alexander.8. Ahlea Khan passed the ArabicExamination.The Arabic examination waspassed by Ahlea Khan.9. Rohaynah will print thedocuments.The documents will be printed byRohaynah.10. Kikim reported the Voice of aVerb.The voice of a verb was reported byKikim.V. EvaluationA. Transform the ff. sentences into Passive Voice.1. I ate a piece of chocolate cake.2. The librarian read the book to the students.3. The movie is being made in Hollywood.4. I will introduce you to my boss this week.5. It would have been fixed on the weekend.6. Raul presented an interesting report.7. She cooked the breakfast.8. Martin removed the old paint.9. The mother carried the baby.10. She interviewed the school president.VI. AssignmentConstruct a 10 sentences using Active Voice and 10 sentences using Passive Voice.