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Uu june2012 fundraiserdocv2

  1. 1. Donate to UPAC Today: Our Progess Must Continue! Our efforts are paying off for businesses and taxpayers...After a successful 2010 election cycle in which Unshackle Upstate endorsed its first slate of candidates andspoke out in favor of improving the state’s economy, our lawmakers have finally started addressing the needs ofthe state’s businesses, taxpayers and job creators.Thanks to your support, Unshackle Upstate has emerged as the leading voice for the taxpayers and job creatorsacross our region and in the halls of the Capitol in Albany. Our influence continues to grow in every region of thestate. Additionally, we have developed strategic alliances with like-minded groups, which has further expandedour influence in Albany. Proactive Victories Defensive Victories• Two consecutive on-time budgets devoid of new • Halted an increase to New York’s minimum wage taxes and fees • Defeated two bills (Out of Network Payments• New York’s first ever Property Tax Cap and Collective Bargaining for Physicians) that• A new Tier VI retirement program with a defined would have significantly increased the cost of contribution option for new workers health insurance premiums• Key members of the Unshackle Upstate • Stopped the expansion of prevailing wages on leadership team served on the Regional private projects Economic Development Councils • Fought changes designed to erase Workers• Formed Let New York Work, a coalition dedicated Compensation reforms to achieving real mandate relief to provide local property tax reliefIt is critical that we are able to do even more this fall, so that we can be sure that New York State keepsmoving in the right direction. New York’s anti-taxpayer and anti-business special interests will be out in forcethis election season, looking to revert back to the ways of increased taxes and spending. Help us continue ourprogress by contributing to Unshackle Upstate’s political advocacy efforts. CONTRIBUTE TO UPAC TODAY! Mail your contribution to: Make your contribution UPAC online by visiting our 150 State Street secure UPAC website: Rochester, NY 14614 Unshackle Upstate is a non-partisan, pro-taxpayer, pro-economic growth, education and advocacy coalition made up of businessand trade organizations from Upstate New York. Our vision for a better state is based reducing state and local government spending, providing tax relief for businesses and families, and eliminating unfunded mandates on local governments and school districts. • •