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Little red riding hood’s adventure power point


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Published in: Education
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Little red riding hood’s adventure power point

  1. 1. Little Red Riding Hood’sAdventure Original Concept by Charles Perrault Written By Shayna Rolon
  2. 2. Summary A little girl nicknamed Little Red Riding Hood is sent by her mother to go see her ill grandmother with some cake and a little pot of butter, but on her way meets with a wolf that appears scary. Yet could he really be scary?
  3. 3. Characters Little Red Riding Hood Grandmother The Wolf Little Red Riding Hood’s Mother Burglar
  4. 4. Original Concept The original concept of Little Red Riding was written by Charles Perrault, an 18th-century French author who also wrote Cinderella, Puss in Boots, and Bluebeard.
  5. 5. Critic Reviews A. Non Imous ◦ “It was very wonderful to read an interesting twist to a popular fairy tale. My children also loved this version as well.” Jane Doe ◦ “A very lovely telling with a well-played surprise, I’m hoping to read more of literature written by the hand of this young girl.”
  6. 6. About the Author Shayna Rolon is a young author from New York City, currently living in Massachusetts. Little Red Riding Hood’s Adventure, is her debut prose as a budding novelist.
  7. 7. Price of the book US $5.99 Canada $7.99
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