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5 e commerce trends to maximize sales growth in 2018


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As eCommerce continues to grow in 2018, we’re looking ahead to some of the biggest trends we see defining the year for companies in this space. Presentation is done by Unlimited Exposure Online. UE is one of the top 10 Small business web design and Social Media Marketing company In Toronto

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5 e commerce trends to maximize sales growth in 2018

  1. 1. 5 eCommerce Trends to Maximize Sales Growth in 2018 eCommerce Site and Social Media Marketing HTTP://WWW.UNLIMITEDEXPOSURE.COM
  2. 2. Who buys, what they buy, when they buy, and why they buy is research every eCommerce company should invest in. The shopping habits, behaviour, and preferences of online shoppers
  3. 3. can be used to build ultimate eCommerce solutions that strengthen profits, increases revenues, and builds a bigger audience. As eCommerce continues to grow in 2018, we’re looking ahead to some of the biggest trends we see defining the year for companies in this space. #1 – Localization, Personalization & CX The eCommerce company that succeeds in 2018 is the one that invests in local promotions and local-friendly content, personalized messaging and communications, and the customer experience. Though there is a lot to unpack in this trend, by pursuing localized and personalized marketing communications, instantly, you can enhance the customer experience. This goes beyond the minimum of fast shipping, low prices, and simple navigation. Those these points are arguably just as important as anything else, most eCommerce sites are already doing this. Thereby, go the extra mile in localizing, personalizing, and focusing on enhancing the customer’s perspective. #2 – Community Building, Customer Engagement, & CRM Customer relationship management (CRM) is what builds online and offline communities with brands. There are many multi- national corporations who continue to succeed in the marketplace
  4. 4. by knowing their customer and building a community out of their audience. Key pieces of information in CRM can gain insights into what is important to customers and potentially, may help in building a community out of it. Courtesy of this information, you can increase conversion rates, grow your bottom line, and foster better engagement. Customer relationship management information should be regularly combed through to see where customers are engaging and where the opportunity lay to build community. #3 – New Content Types & SEO Despite what experts claim, recent analytics show that the top way to drive traffic and increase conversions across a long-term period is still through organic. That means engaging in search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and finding ways to reach consumers where their attention is already. By pursuing SEO, though the competition of fierce, high search engine ranking is a great way to build. Secondly, using new content types including interactive graphics and video marketing will also help to drive interest and engagement. #4 – Mobile Optimization
  5. 5. Mobile optimization does not mean just having a site that is responsive to mobile platforms. It’s also about succeeding on mobile-optimized search engines such as Google, installing mobile-friendly content, digital wallets, product videos, and more. If it’s not already, the mobile experience should be a key concern – possibly even more so than the desktop customer experience. #5 – Social media Advertising, Campaigns & Retargeting Social media marketing made a huge impact last year and was inarguably one of eCommerce’s biggest trends. By spending thousands on PPC-based social media advertising, several eCommerce brands walked away with hundreds of thousands in return. The most popular social media platforms out there are beginning to see the kind of return on investment one receives from these ads, meaning that one should expect ad costs to go up significantly by the end of 2018. That said, there is still plenty of opportunity for eCommerce brands to invest in social media ads, upload your catalogue to Facebook Shop, retarget site visitors, and more. Unlimited Exposure specializes in eCommerce marketing, web design, and digital brand building. To gain more insight into how we can help your eCommerce site grow its audience, please contact a representative today.
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