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Develop your talent strategy toolbox


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The comprehensive diagonostic tool for building the best possible Employer Brand strategy among your target talent.

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Develop your talent strategy toolbox

  1. 1. Universum Toolbox Develop your talent strategy The comprehensive diagnostic tool for building the best possible Employer Brand strategy among your target talent.
  2. 2. Who We Are Present in 60 countries with regional offices in New York City, Paris, Shanghai, Singapore and Stockholm. Serving more than 1 700 clients globally, including Fortune 100 companies. Full service Employer Branding partner, taking clients from identifying challenges, engaging talent to measuring success. Helping the world’s leading organizations strengthen their Employer Brands for over 25 years. Surveying more than 1.3 million career-seekers, partnering with thousands of universities and organizations. Thought leaders in Employer Branding, publishing content on C-suite level subjects. Our Employer Branding content is published yearly in renowned media, e.g. WSJ, CNN, Le Monde, BusinessWeek.
  3. 3. 3 Your Employer Brand matters more Research shows that a company’s Employer Brand is twice as likely to drive job consideration as its corporate brand Lower turnover Companies with a strong Employer Brand have a 28% lower turnover rate than companies with a weak Employer Brand* A competitive advantage Only 69% of companies work with Employer Branding from a strategic perspective Lower cost per hire The cost per hire is more than twice as low for companies with strong Employer Brands *Linkedin Whitepaper, Why Your Employer Brand Matters, 2012 **Talent Attraction Barometer 2012 (How does you organisation approach employer branding?) ***Boston Consulting Group, Creating People Advantage 2012, Mastering HR Challenges in a Two-Speed World 2.4xrevenue growth 28%lower turnover rates 50%savings per hire 1.8xprofit margin increase Your Return on Investment of Fact-based Employer Branding Just as with a consumer brand, people associate various factors with an Employer Brand. You can drive your Employer Brand in the right direction by influencing these associations.
  4. 4. ? Are you recruiting the right talent? How well does the attracted talent match the profile you need? What drives your primary target group? What do they really want from their career? How do you fare in terms of attractiveness versus your competitors? Why does talent want to work for you? Why not? What attracts them to the competition? Does talent want to join you for the right reasons? Should you rethink your messaging? What sets you apart from the competitors? What is truly differentiating for you? Are your communication efforts successful? Are you visible in the desired channels and are you missing out on certain channels? 4 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Empowering Insights Unlock The Full Potential of Your Employer Brand
  5. 5. ? 5 MEASURE YOUR EMPLOYER BRANDING WORK BASED ON SET KPIs BY REACHING YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE THROUGH PUBLICATIONS AND EVENTS YOUR COMMUNICATION ACTIVITIES YOUR DESIRED BRAND POSITION YOUR IMAGE, YOUR COMPETITORS AND YOUR AUDIENCE Your Toolbox to develop a talent strategy KNOW DECIDE PLAN ACT MEASURE Universum’s toolbox allows you to learn from our established research framework, shaped over decades of Employer Branding experience. It is a strategic tool that empowers you to capture the right talent and reduce the cost per hire. It will help you identify key strengths and challenges in all your markets. • Evaluate the impact of your Employer Branding efforts and better utilise your budget • Increase the quality of your job applicants • Improve the accept/reject ratio • Lower the compensation you need to offer • Increase staff retention • Use your culture as a recruitment asset
  6. 6. 6 Understand and Define Your Unique Selling Points: Building Your Individual Employer Brand To attract the right talent for your business strategy, an understanding of the different aspects that comprise your Employer Brand is essential: What makes you attractive as an employer? Which associations are credible with what you offer as an employer? And which of these are true? Finally, what makes your offer unique and distinctive? Knowing the answers to these questions will help establish a successful Employer Brand. YOUR INTERNAL IDENTITY YOUR EXTERNAL IMAGE ATTRACTIVE COMPETITIVE TRESHOLD DISTINCT WHAT TALENT WANTS CREDIBLE TRUE
  7. 7. 7 The Develop your Talent Strategy Toolbox consists of Tools & templates  Template: Defining Your Key Talent Target Groups  Template: Defining an Attractive Employee Value Proposition  Checklist: Developing Your Compensation & Benefits Package Learnings like:  Understanding the key drivers among talents today  The importance of a clear purpose and mission to attracting talent  The 3 keys to formulating an attractive talent offer  The 5 most common pitfalls leading to the loss of talent  How to develop your unique Employer Value Proposition (EVP)  How to select the right KPIs and setting engaging objectives
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