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UEDA 2015 Annual Summit - 9/28 - Afternoon Keynote Addresses


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In 2007, the Kauffman Foundation for Entrepreneurship launched the iBridgeNetwork with an eye toward supporting the marketing efforts of university technology transfer offices. The Innovation Accelerator Foundation assumes control of the iBridgeNetwork, and is recrafting it under a new vision: to become a university-centric virtual innovation ecosystem. In the keynote address of the 2015 UEDA summit, iBridgeNetwork founder John Pyrovolakis will provide a “sneak peak” into this vision in action. The iBridgeNetwork welcomes your help in shaping the iBridgeNetwork’s future.
John Pyrovolakis, Founder & CEO, Innovation Accelerator

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UEDA 2015 Annual Summit - 9/28 - Afternoon Keynote Addresses

  1. 1. Mike Dozier President, University Economic Development Association
  2. 2. #UEDASummit
  3. 3. Laura Tourte Farm Advisor, University of California
  4. 4. UC ANR is a network connecting the people of California and their University. We are • Problem Solvers • Researchers • Coordinators • Advisors • Collaborative Leaders • Educators • Stewards • Community Builders • Partners
  5. 5. ANR envisions a thriving California in 2025 where healthy people and communities, healthy food systems, and healthy environments are strengthened by a close partnership between the University of California and its research and extension programs and the people of the state.
  6. 6. • Enhance Competitive, Sustainable Food Systems • Enhance Sustainable Natural Ecosystems • Provide for Healthy Families and Communities • Manage Endemic and Invasive Pests and Diseases • Improve Water Quality, Quantity, and Security
  7. 7. We trace our roots to legislation signed by President Abraham Lincoln in 1862 - the Morrill Act that created the “land grant” state universities. In 1887 the Hatch Act established federal funds for agricultural experiment stations and research. In 1914 the Smith-Lever Act enabled the creation of Cooperative Extension.
  8. 8. Agricultural Experiment Station • Campus-based researchers Research and Extension Centers • 9 locations statewide UC Cooperative Extension • Local advisors and campus-based specialists Statewide Programs and Institutes • Specific focus on high-priority concerns
  9. 9. • Locally based experts • ~130 campus-based specialists • ~200 CE advisors Statewide network of local offices • Live and work in the communities we serve • Tailor programs and solutions to fit local needs • “The face of UC” • A century of science and service
  10. 10. Nutrition Policy Institute Providing statewide leadership to improve nutrition and reduce obesity, hunger and chronic disease risk in children and their families in diverse settings. Youth, Families, and Communities Includes nutrition education for low income families, adults, and youth 4-H Youth Development Program “Growing youth who thrive” through a variety of programs
  11. 11. • Agricultural Issues Center • California Institute for Water Resources • Integrated Pest Management Program • Master Gardeners Program • Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program (SAREP)
  12. 12. “Meeting these challenges will require a renewed commitment to research, innovation, and technology development in agriculture. If we act strategically today, we will gain invaluable benefits tomorrow, including enhanced food security better nutrition, greener sources of energy, and healthier lives, while we grow the rural economy.” —Daniel Schrag, co-chair of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, Agriculture Preparedness Working Group
  13. 13. /summit-playbook-2013 Agriculture - Forests - Fisheries - Mining Watersheds - Energy - Recreation - Habitat Working Landscapes Sustainable Economic Development Equity Capital; Access to Capital NOTABLE EXAMPLES
  14. 14. John Pyrovolakis Founder & CEO, Innovation Accelerator
  15. 15. #UEDASummit