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Turning Town Gown into Economic Prosperity


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A strong Town/Gown relationship can be hard enough to maintain let along expand and flourish. This panel will feature city and university experts who will look how small joint projects started 30 years ago have led city and regional efforts to grow the local jobs base and provide new investment back into the local economy.

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Turning Town Gown into Economic Prosperity

  1. 1. #UEDASummit #UEDASummit
  2. 2. Turning Town/Gown Into Economic Prosperity (moderator) Christopher Reese Nicole Bernard Director of Community Relations (657) 278-4854 Economic Development Manager (714) 738-4102 Julie Throckmorton Rebecca Spexarth Foundation/Corporate Relations Officer (724) 250-3372 Director of Economic Development (785) 532-3955
  3. 3. Turning Town/Gown Into Economic Prosperity Suggested Reading: • Rooney, James Davitt. “Town-Gown: A New Meaning for a New Economy.” Campus Compact. – • Tseckares, Charles, and Christopher Hill, “When Gown Builds Town: Schools That Do Good Business.” College Planning & Management. – • Weill, Lawrence V. “The President’s Role in Cultivating Positive Town-Gown Relations.” Society for College and University Planning. –
  4. 4. Turning Town/Gown Into Economic Prosperity Suggested Resources: • Kansas State University Institute for Commercialization • International Economic Development Council • California Association for Local Economic Development (CALED) • American Planning Association