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Creative Cultural Entrepreneurship— Connecting Congress & Our Legislatures - Julianna Martinez-Barbee


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Come meet creative businesses that are living their passion through tradition and culture and hear their story. Learn how coming together with Congressional Delegates, Legislatures and the Northern New Mexico College President has resulted in positive outcomes. Learn about our student mentorship program and how being taken out of the classroom has cultivated a desire to go to college and the entrepreneurship opportunities that have developed.

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Creative Cultural Entrepreneurship— Connecting Congress & Our Legislatures - Julianna Martinez-Barbee

  1. 1. Creative Cultural Entrepreneurship Slideshow Title Connecting Congress & Our Legislators Date Location Presenter/Speaker: Julianna Martinez-Barbee Annual National Summit Director America’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at Northern New Mexico College /Business Owner • Building New Mexico’s Economy One Business at a Time U N I V E R S I T Y E C O N O M I C D E V E L O P M E N T A S S O C I A T I O N 505-747-2240 Building New Mexico’s Economy One Business at a Time
  2. 2. SBDC Outstanding Business Panel Dennis Chavez New Mexico Video Services Elizabeth Inman Liana Sanchez Norma Naranjo Giovanna Paponetti Purple Adobe Lavender Farm AVANYU General Contracting LLC The Feasting Place Artist/Author
  3. 3. SBDC Student Media Mentorship
  4. 4. America’s SBDC No-Cost Consulting Global Resources National Expertise Low-Cost Training
  5. 5. Hosted at Colleges/Universities Across the Country Students National Accredited Businesses Immediate Economic Impact
  6. 6. SBDC & NNMC College Collaboration Customized Training Student Mentorship Assist Departments Share Resources President Involved Congress Legislators
  7. 7. Discovering Creative Businesses Through our Cultures and Traditions
  8. 8. New Mexico Video Services Dennis Chavez
  9. 9. New Mexico Video Services We produce all types of videos for all types of budgets! We turn memories into legacies and then we turn you into the producer!
  10. 10. America’s SBDC at Northern New Mexico College Announces New Mexico Video Services Outstanding Business of the Year Multi-service DVD duplication, production, & editing
  11. 11. Our State Legislators Support Small Businesses
  12. 12. Interviews with New Mexico State Legislators Job creation Economic impact
  13. 13. Helping Our Students Discover Their Purpose
  14. 14. America’s SBDC National Conference in Orlando
  15. 15. Co-Trained with Julianna Your YouTube Video Promo
  16. 16. Purple Adobe Lavender Farm Elizabeth Inman
  17. 17. Elizabeth Inman See You at the farm…where the healing begins Owner
  18. 18. Purple Adobe Lavender Farm
  19. 19. Elizabeth Shares her Story with Congressman Lujan
  20. 20. College President Barcelo & Congressman Lujan Tour the Farm
  21. 21. Inform Senators Positive Outcomes
  22. 22. SBA & NM Economic Department Advocate for Small Businesses
  23. 23. SBDC & KDCE Radio Program
  24. 24. AVANYU LLC General Contracting Visiting Student Intern Evren Martinez
  25. 25. AVANYU General Contracting LLC “Building with YOUR Spirit & Environment in Mind”
  26. 26. AVANYU Saving Pueblo Homes
  27. 27. Vision of a Vibrant Pueblo Plaza
  28. 28. New Mexico Governor Recognizes AVANYU SBDC Outstanding Business
  29. 29. College President Barcelo Supports SBDC Outstanding Business at Legislative Event
  30. 30. Visit to Senator Udall’s Office in DC “We funded our way to DC to support the Espanola SBDC. Their assistance, training seminars & resources continue to help us grow & compete in today’s economy” -- Liana Sanchez
  31. 31. ‘‘I Work with Native American businesses to utilize the tools available at Commerce that can help them grow, create jobs and compete globally.”--- Dee Alexander U.S. Department of Commerce
  32. 32. SBDC & AVANYU Visit Congressman Lujan in DC
  33. 33. SBDC Hosts International Business Woman from Africa “Liana you are to be respected for holding the vision of what is to come and at a tangible level, creating it….” --SF Council of International Relations
  34. 34. The Feasting Place Norma Naranjo
  35. 35. The Feasting Place Cultural Classes Traditional Catering Hosting Pueblo Style Food Gift Baskets Agricultural Traditions
  36. 36. The Feasting Place • “Food is much more than just eating. Food is a necessity that brings families together. “Back when most people raised their own food and had the time to cook, we were healthier people, physically, mentally and spiritually."
  37. 37. The Feasting Place
  38. 38. SBDC at Northern New Mexico College Continues to Help Me SBDC College Pueblo Indian Studies College Cultural Conferences State Events City & County &Tribes State Legislatures
  39. 39. Congressman Udall Visits The Feasting Place
  40. 40. SBDC & The Feasting Place Host Woman in Business From Africa Sharing our ways and embracing our unique talents to create a living
  41. 41. SBDC Invited Local Businesses for a Day of Discovery
  42. 42. “I am living my passion & my dream through the foods I have grown & prepared and making a living sharing my culture and traditions” —Norma Naranjo
  43. 43. Giovanna Paponetti Artist/Author
  44. 44. Artist / Author My love of storytelling has also found its way into my work. To the canvas I pass on the stories of my subjects, both animals and people.
  45. 45. KATERI Native American Saint The life & Miracles of Kateri Tekakwitha
  46. 46. The Death of Kateri 1680
  47. 47. Murals on the life of Kateri
  48. 48. Storyteller—echoing the past
  49. 49. Taos Pueblo before Spanish 1300
  50. 50. From Nature, I learn patience, faith, compassion, courage, awareness, and not to give up when things look grim.
  51. 51. Legislative Paintings
  52. 52. SBDC Announces Giovanna Outstanding Business
  53. 53. Field of Work Interest
  54. 54. SBDC Business Training Workshops
  55. 55. KDCE Radio Interview
  56. 56. Interview with Governor Susana Martinez • Stay in School • Dreams Happen • Get Involved • Higher your standard
  57. 57. Interview with LT Governor John Sanchez • Act- You are You • Accomplish • Advocate
  58. 58. Interview with New Mexico State Legislators Be a Leader Be Active
  59. 59. Interview with New Mexico State Legislatures Follow Through
  60. 60. New Mexico Video Services
  61. 61. SBDC International Experience
  62. 62. International Business Welcome
  63. 63. Do Something You Love To Do!