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University of Alabama -Advanced Economic Development Leadership


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Four universities and collaborated on the creation of an Advanced Economic Development Leadership training program to solve a need for an in-depth, experiential program designed for mid and senior economic development professional.

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University of Alabama -Advanced Economic Development Leadership

  1. 1. Experiential Applied Learning Exercises, Team Competition, Debate, Discussions
  2. 2. Faculty • Professors • Site Consultants • Business Leaders • Seasoned Economic Developers
  3. 3. Inaugural Class • Graduated 42 professionals • Class gave constructive and sincere feedback to allow us continuous improvement across the board
  4. 4. Criteria for Participants • Mid to Senior level professional • 5 years experience in economic development • Completion of basic certificate
  5. 5. 14 participants 13 participants 8 participants 5 participants 3 participants 2 participants 1 participant
  6. 6. “Stellar program. This is exactly what the profession needed. The information was so practical and useful, unlike many other programs. Geaux Tigers!” -Melody Woodworth, executive director, Louisiana Development Authority’s business expansion and retention program
  7. 7. “…the Advanced program is an innovative and highly interactive program that focuses on the real world application of economic development principles and not on lectures.” -Manny Salazar, economic development council director, Greater Kingsville, NC
  8. 8. So What? What Now?