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Georgia Certified Economic Developer Program


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The University of Georgia developed the Georgia Certified Economic Developer Program. This was developed to help economic developers improve their effectiveness and performance.

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Georgia Certified Economic Developer Program

  1. 1. Georgia Certified Economic Developer Program Jennifer Nelson Public Service Faculty
  2. 2. Change in Population, 2010-2015 36 counties have negative natural increase 99 counties have negative net migration 78 counties have lost population since 2010 7 counties account for 2/3 of all population growth since 2010 Source: US Census Bureau
  3. 3. NOT Unique to Georgia
  4. 4. UGA’s outreach work provides building blocks for creating, attracting, and retaining jobs HELPING BUILD CAPACITY Small Business Development Leadership Development Economic Development Training Helping Communities Develop Economic and Workforce Development Strategies Revitalizing Downtowns Tools for Decision-Making
  5. 5. Former and Current GEDA Board of Directors • Promote excellence in government • 90 years of serving the state • Experienced in training and education
  6. 6. Georgia Economic Development Association GEDA Board Members play an active role in serving as Advisory Council members and current class participants. • Key stakeholder in identifying the need for a Georgia certification program • Georgia’s economic development association with over 650 members • Provides professional development scholarship funds for GCED
  7. 7. • Stakeholders need • Research by faculty & input by subject matter experts • Georgia specific content • Cost effective • Taught in central locations around Georgia • Practical, skills-based training with immediate application • Grounded in a competency cluster framework that reflects internationally recognized skills & abilities.
  8. 8. Competency clusters used in GCED program design: • Professionalism & Initiative • Technical & Industry Knowledge • Analyzing, Assessing and Problem Solving • Relationship Building • Leadership and Influence The GCED Program also offers a custom Georgia textbook.
  9. 9. GCED Program Overview “The GCED program has also expanded my perspective…the content learned in these courses brought forth a new awareness.” Stephanie Scearce, Project Manager, Georgia Department of Economic Development • Five core classes • Two elective tracks • Industry Knowledge • Leadership Development • 60 hours course work; capstone project • 738 registrations to date
  10. 10. FIRST Georgia CERTIFIED ECONOMIC DEVELOPER Larry Brooks Walker County • Learned immediately applicable tools • Allowed existing industry to expand and double footprint • New investment, jobs, and opportunities for citizens
  11. 11. Impact in Georgia: • 91 counties served (57%) • 58 in Georgia’s most economically depressed based on unemployment rates, per capita income, and incomes below poverty level. 159 counties in Georgia
  12. 12. Impact in Georgia: • Growth & broader outreach • Recognizing impact, GA Power has contributed scholarships for 25 students for the past 2 years. • New participants entering the program • Creating impact for long term success • Collaboration with internal and external partners and stakeholders Georgia Power’s Lenn Chandler presents CVIOG Director Laura Meadows with GCED scholarship funds.
  13. 13. Impact in Georgia: • Additional graduates FIRST CERTIFIED ECONOMIC DEVELOPER Larry Brooks Walker County“Through the lessons learned & experiences I’ve had while participating in the GCED program, I feel confident that I’m in a stronger position to better serve my community. I walk away from this journey with a more fine-tuned understanding of economic development principles, practices, and concepts and I have the tools needed to succeed.” Jill Bowen, Project Manager, Peach County Development Authority
  14. 14. The Georgia Certified Economic Developer Program = An Engine of Change in Georgia Former and Current GEDA Board of Directors • Work across jurisdictional lines • Exchange ideas & information • Seek new ways of thinking • Explore best practices to drive economic development success in Georgia