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UT - CIS - Asset Based Planning in Rural Tennessee Counties


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UT Center for Industrial Services and Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development, developed an Asset Based Planning Program serving 23 rural, distressed counties throughout the state. The purpose of the program is to help participating counties identify 2-3 economic development projects that build on community assets in a twelve-month period.

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UT - CIS - Asset Based Planning in Rural Tennessee Counties

  1. 1. Asset Based Planning Initiative UEDA Annual Summit | October 22, 2018
  2. 2. The Challenge
  3. 3. What’s the ABP Initiative? | University leadership | Creative Partnerships | Positive Community Meetings | Extensive Technical Assistance | Successful Projects
  4. 4. Project Locations
  5. 5. Tourism Education/Workforce Industrial Development Agriculture Community Facilities What Kind of Projects?
  6. 6. Summary | 43 Counties, 188 projects, $2 million investment | Stronger, expanded partnerships | Greater university role & visibility | Program expansion & replicability | What’s most important
  7. 7. Questions?