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UEDA Summit 2013 - Awards of Excellence - Talent Development - UMD Teen Enterprise


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In 2012, the UMD Center for Economic Development (CED) developed and implemented a new program, UMD Teen Enterprise, to encourage entrepreneurship for students ages 14–18. The week-long camp is held on the University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD) campus.

UMD Teen Enterprise provides a youth entrepreneurship experience to participants, and serves to strengthen ties between UMD and the business community. The collaborative design of this program utilizes UMD Labovitz School of Business and Economics students, CED staff and entrepreneurs in the community and is a creative and innovative way to introduce entrepreneurism at an influential stage.

CED has developed a curriculum offering 35 hours of instruction in collaboration with Junior Achievement. The program includes the following: understanding entrepreneurship, business planning, research, competitive advantage, ethical practices and other business topics. During the week, students participate in a variety of entrepreneurship focused activities, take field trips that include visiting businesses, listening session with entrepreneurs to expand their understanding of business types, and practical skills such as computer research tools and how to give an effective presentation. At the end of the week students do a formal presentation of their business idea to their peers, instructors, families and partners of the program.

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UEDA Summit 2013 - Awards of Excellence - Talent Development - UMD Teen Enterprise

  1. 1. UMD Teen Enterprise Experience Entrepreneurship A program of the University of Minnesota Duluth Center for Economic Development
  2. 2. The Need: Why we developed this program
  3. 3. The motivation
  4. 4. Originality UMD Student Involvement Business Community Involvement
  5. 5. Originality Strategic Partners
  6. 6. Scalability/replicability:
  7. 7. Sustainability:
  8. 8. Talent Development
  9. 9. Talent Development
  10. 10. Talent Development
  11. 11. Talent Development Measuring Success Evaluations Future Participation Web Client Activity Tracking System