Digital appraoches to smarter working - Dr Phil Richards, Jisc


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Digital appraoches to smarter working - Dr Phil Richards, Jisc

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  • Who we are…Explaining the structure…
  • Digital appraoches to smarter working - Dr Phil Richards, Jisc

    1. 1. Dr Phil Richards,Chief Innovation Officer For UUK ‘Working for a smarter, stronger sector – third annual efficiency in HE conference’ 27/03/2014 Workshop: future digital approaches to smarter working
    2. 2. Outline »Jisc and efficiency exchange »Group discussion › Your three big ideas for future smarter digital working › How Jisc can work with you to take them forward »Summary
    3. 3. Jisc and Efficiency Exchange
    4. 4. Jisc for new times Our mission To enable people in higher education, further education and skills in the UK to perform at the forefront of international practice by exploiting fully the possibilities of modern digital empowerment, content and connectivity. …New opportunities…Unprecedented challenges Fast developing capabilities HE, FE & Skills Digital technologies Value in the here and now Selective investment in new futures
    5. 5. Strategic framework impact areas Our customers Research enablement Sector and enterprise efficiency Teaching, learni ng & student experience Open agenda Collaboration & inter- national- isation Digital standards & policies Digital translation from other sectors/industries Institutional & academic leadership in the digital age Cyber security & access & identity manage- ment Data & analytics
    6. 6. Jisc leadership team (JLT) 26/11/2013 Annual review: Professor Martyn Harrow, chief executive, Jisc 6 Robert Haymon-Collins Executive director customer experience Tim Marshall Executive director technology and infrastructure and divisional CEO Janet Alice Colban Chief operating officer Mark Wright Chief financial officer Lorraine Estelle Executive director content and discovery and divisional CEO Jisc Collections Phil Richards Chief innovation officer Martyn Harrow Chief executive
    7. 7. Co-opetition in HE ‘USP towers’ ‘Foundation of commonality’ Marketplace and OFT
    8. 8. Co-design innovation process Futures pipeline Jisc product catalogue Co-design development cycle and handover Jisc impact areas Stakeholder prioritisation Risk distribution or guidance, lessons learnt, etc.
    9. 9. Jisc Summer of Student Innovation 2014 How it works: » Create – Make a video to explain your idea » Share – Upload your video and encourage people to vote » Vote - If you hit the voting target we will consider it for funding So if you have a brainwave, come and join us for a Summer of Student Innovation:
    10. 10. Efficiency Exchange
    11. 11. Your big three ideas for digital smarter working
    12. 12. Aunt Sally 1 New visualisation tools in big data for decision making and learner analytics › Merging disparate data › Adding intuitive insight and meaning › Building your own local value on to new public big data
    13. 13. Aunt Sally 2 Smart research equipment sharing – potential for up-scaling and monetising? › Great regional initiatives by N8, M5, etc. › Built upon Kit Catalogue platform (Jisc-funding) › National and international opportunities
    14. 14. Aunt Sally 3 Beyond groupware – immersive international conferencing for obligation › 4K video and augmented reality – see the whites of their eyes! › Real-time voice translation › As close as you can get to being in the same room!
    15. 15. Group discussion
    16. 16. Summary
    17. 17. Find out more… Dr Phil Richards Chief InnovationOfficer One Castlepark
Tower Hill
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