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Your Guide to Digital Selfdefense - Pernille Tranberg und Steffan Heuer


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Persönlichen Daten sind das Öl oder das Gold von heute – die eine Ressource, die jeder haben möchte. Die digitale Wirtschaft baut darauf auf. Unternehmen verfolgen und analysieren jeden Schritt, den Nutzer unternehmen und sie machen Milliarden Umsätze, indem sie unsere Informationen abbauen und verkaufen. Bürger und Verbraucher sind Opfer eines enormen Wettlaufs um den Aufbau von Identitätsbanken, die jedes noch so kleine Detail unseres Lebens enthalten.

Die Keynote zielt darauf ab, die vielen Möglichkeiten aufzudecken, wie wir jeden Tag betrogen und verkauft werden und welche Folgen das hat.

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Your Guide to Digital Selfdefense - Pernille Tranberg und Steffan Heuer

  1. 1. Data Ethics & Digital Selfdefense Steffan Heuer & Pernille Tranberg
  2. 2. Nanna H Bach Pia Thomassen Pernille Tranberg Lili The Lazy Cocker
  3. 3. Pernille Tranberg Advisor/speaker on data ethics (former journalist) and speaker/ teacher in digital selfdefense Author of 7 books ‘DataEthics - The New Competitive Advantage’ w Gry Hasselbalch (2016) and ‘FAKE IT’ (2012) w Steffan Heuer Co-founder of the ThinkDoTank Formerly journalist at TÆNK and Politiken, head of editorial dev at Berlingske and consultant in Erhvervsstyrelsen (on
  4. 4. I am a journalist and follow technology for a living, but I’m not on Facebook etc. Keeping a very low profile on social media. For a good reason: Living in and covering Silicon Valley for 20 years. Writing about innovation and its consequences for brand eins et al. makes you cautious! Steffan Heuer
  6. 6. Price Discrimination: How I got my double hotel room in Tokyo down from 1500€ to 1200€
  7. 7. pay-as-you behave
  8. 8. In a well-functioning democracy, those in power (the strong ones) like government and companies are open and transparent. Individuals (the weak ones) don’t have to be transparent. The opposite is happening.
  9. 9. ➤ 7 in 10 worried about their privacy (= right to control who knows what about you when) ➤ 1 in 3 lie about their data (the younger the more they lie) ➤ We trust banks, the state, hospitals ➤ We distrust search, social, news Consumer Trends
  10. 10. Block the trackers! All it takes is one click…
  11. 11. WE ALSO WANT OTHERS TO USE OUR DATA But don’t cross your customers’ creepiness line submissionGuid=b36f5d3f-1f5d-48a9-8df1-9e4711a7dce8
  12. 12. We are fed up with this digital business model
  13. 13.
  14. 14.
  15. 15. We are with data 
 where we were with 
 the environment 
 in the early 1960s
  16. 16. Good Big Data Weather and traffic data Logistics and product data Science w anonymous data
  17. 17. Bad Big Data
  18. 18. 
 ➤ create trust with
 data ethics ➤ give customers 
 control over their data ➤ innovate with 
 Privacy by Design ➤ learn digital selfdefense
 and go for privacy tech ➤ demand data ethics 
 from companies ➤ choose good 
 alternatives Government Responsibility Companies ➤ enforce the law ➤ be a role model w data ethics and give users control over their data ➤ support the new market for data ethics and privacy tech Citizens What to do?
  19. 19. IBVPN.COM TOR Protonmail Hushfile adblockfast Cliqz OPERA Digital Selfdefense
  20. 20. ➤ Chat and messaging app - private compared to Skype & FB Messenger ➤ End-to-end encryption, not listening to your conversations ➤ No profiling, no data collection, no ads ➤ Co-financed by Skype founder Janus Friis ➤ Based in CH, bound by strict privacy laws Digital SelfdefenseDigital Selfdefense
  21. 21. ➤ protects both privacy and business data ➤ private by default: opt in not opt out ➤ overwrites unique data trackers - not blocking it ➤ you can donate anonymized statistical data and get better searches based on intent ➤ no data leaves your gadget ➤ no personal profiling ➤ Ghostery adblocker Digital Selfdefense
  22. 22. ➤ don’t collect or share personal information ➤ don’t store search history: nothing to sell ➤ have truly private browsing mode, including script blocking ➤ make money with non- targeted ads and still are profitable DuckDuckGo & StartPage Digital Selfdefense
  23. 23. Digital Selfdefense VPN Services like 
 Disconnect and Zenmate ➤ Let you browse without being observed by third parties, including ISPs or mobile provider ➤ Make surfing on public WiFi networks safe ➤ Let you hide and change your location.
  24. 24. Data Ethics
  25. 25. ➤ It is more than compliance - it is living up to the values behind the law ➤ Data ethics is responsible & sustainable use of personal data ➤ It is the right thing to do for society and individuals ➤ Or just: Treating other people’s data like you want your children’s data to be treated Definition
  26. 26. “They’re gobbling up everything they can learn about you and trying to monetize it. We think that’s wrong. And it’s not the kind of company that Apple wants to be.” “We believe that people have a fundamental right to privacy.”
  27. 27. ➤ Personal gadgets are private gadgets ➤ Individuals should be able to control what data is collected about them and what it’s used for ➤ Either we don’t collect data, leave it on people's gadgets or if on our servers, we anonymize them ➤ They are YOUR messages, photos, contacts Case: APPLE 16.00
  28. 28. ➤ No 3rd party cookies ➤ No Facebook Connect ➤ Data stores in DK (Europe) ➤ No Google Analytics ➤ Consent management ➤ Responsibility of subcontractors ➤ Use pseudonyms Case: LEGO
  29. 29. Compared to the bad guys
  30. 30. Case: Clue ➤ Understandable privacy policy ➤ Two entry levels: one is anonymous ➤ Sensitive data stored separately ➤ Adheres to strict data laws in Germany ➤ Very different from Glow (US)
  31. 31. Case: TomTom ➤ GPS for cars and health trackers ➤ Customer data promise with 10 principles ➤ Zero-knowledge: autodeletes all your location data after 24 hours ➤ Uses only anonymized data to improve services ➤ Follows the strict Dutch privacy law
  32. 32. Best Case: Smart City Eindhoven
  33. 33. Worst Case: Your smart living room
  34. 34. Conclusion: Give your users control over their own data to gain digital trust & true valuable data
  35. 35. Vielen Dank für Ihre Aufmerksamkeit Steffan Heuer @Fakeit_Book +1 (415) 839-9571 Pernille Tranberg @PernilleT +45 (22) 66 99 32 pernille@dataethics.e (tools for companies) (book on DataEthics) (monthly newsletter) (tools for individuals)