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iNetID: Your Identity, Your Data, Your Domain - Marcos Sanz Grossón


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iNetID ist ein offenes Identitätsmanagement-Framework, das auf OpenID Connect aufbaut, mit dem Ziel, Benutzer und nicht Identitätsprovider zu unterstützen. iNetID nutzt den Domainnamen des Benutzers, indem es ihn zum Eckpfeiler seiner digitalen Identität macht.

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iNetID: Your Identity, Your Data, Your Domain - Marcos Sanz Grossón

  1. 1. iNetID Your Identity, Your Data, Your Domain Marcos Sanz Grossón DENIC eG
  2. 2. The problem Way too many accounts... ...and I am not even allowed to use the same password for all of them!
  3. 3. A solution?
  4. 4. A solution? Source: Gigya, the landscape of customer identity 2016
  5. 5. Titel
  6. 6. A solution initiated by
  7. 7. The iNetID Project (working name) Feels like “Login with OTT”, but: Federated & interoperable Fully based on open standards Privacy-aware Based on domain names control of the identity to the user, not to the provider!
  8. 8. OpenID Connect + Identifier portability (if you own the domain name) DNS-based discovery process Support of all identity providers with a single entry point Separation of roles between authentication (“identity authority”) and user data management (“identity agent”) Management of user consent for sharing data
  9. 9. iNetID: How to get it
  10. 10. iNetID: How to use it
  11. 11. Advantages for the User Pick your name, at any provider, or in your own personal domain! Pick your provider, move to another one, or even host it yourself! Have full control of which data you share with whom!
  12. 12. Project Status Promoted by three companies (Open-Xchange, 1&1 and DENIC) Working prototype implemented Two Internet-Drafts published with the architecture and the extensions to the existing protocols A non-profit promoting entity about to be founded Looking for feedback, contributions and adoption
  13. 13. Vielen Dank für Ihre Aufmerksamkeit