Designing a Website And Its Intricacies


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A Web developer is responsible for the effective running of the websites.

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Designing a Website And Its Intricacies

  1. 1. Designing a Website And Its Intricacies The kind of skills and ideas needed to design a website is called web designing. Internet has become a very important part of our daily life and using internet without animation and music will become really dull. Web designing is mainly the part which deals with the customers. It is mainly concerned with the look of the website.There are many kinds of thing that comes under web designing. On the other hand Web Development is related to the programing of the website. The developer deals with the working of the website. A Web developer should know how to prepare CGI and PHP scripts. A Web developer is responsible for the effective running of the websites. The Web designing and Web Development has a vast history behind it. In 1989 Tim Berners Lee who was working at CERN proposed the idea of creating a project named later as World Wide Web. From 1991 to 1993 this project was built. But in 1996 Microsoft made its own software which was complete and it also supported style sheet. The tabular data was displayed with the help of markups in the table. In 1996 Flash was created and this was not much developed but it gave a new option except HTML, Java script and animated GIFs. But Flash was not that successful as it required plug in because of which its compatibility was reduced which in turn reduced its market value. But Flash was really powerful and had a capability to be used to develop entire website. Later in 1998 a project named Web Standard Project was created which encouraged browser compliance both with CSS and HTML standards and Acid 1, Acid 2, Acid 3 tests were conducted. In 2000 Mac released Internet Explorer and it supported both HTML 4.01 and CSS 1 and it even supported PNG image format. The 21st century brought along with it a new scenario for the web technology. More and more people are involved with the web in one or the other way and this had made a huge difference in the way the sites are designed now. Web designing is done with help of some tools and these tools are update time to time but they work on the same basic principles. People are now using web as a medium to promote their companies and their business this in turn have opened many opportunities for the designers. The designer should be very well aware of the requirement of the client and then he should build a website according to the clients need. The entertainment website is different from business related websites. A simple example to demarcate the two: Web Designing and Web Development is- If one has to book a movie ticket that person have to first find out whether the ticket is available or not and if the tickets are available then you can book it and the process involved is done by the Web Developer. All these steps work on some kind of programing this can be done by using database MySQL, PHP etc. But on the other hand the style of presentation which is manipulated with the help of Photoshop or HTML language is take care off by the Web Designer. If we explain the basic role of Web development and web designing in one line than we can say that-
  2. 2. Web development is basically making of website that do different kinds of things and Web designing is making that website presentable and attractive.