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United in Uniform General Information


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United in Uniform General Information

  1. 1. “Let’s get United!” An overview of oneE X C I T I N G company...
  2. 2. Who We Are “Let’s get United!”United in Uniform is an exclusivewebsite and concierge servicededicated to providing the Protectand Serve community. Every day,men and women of the ArmedForces, Police agencies, andFirefighter associations put theirlives on the line to guarantee ourfreedoms and secure our safetythat we enjoy and often take forgranted. United in Uniform isdedicated to giving back to thosewho give so much.
  3. 3. Who We Are “Let’s get United!”Not only has United In Uniform takenon the hours of research and phonecalls, we have gone a step furtherand negotiated discounts exclusiveonly to our members! We would loveto include your organization.We only ask that upon presentationof the United In Uniform membershipcard, you extend the agreed upondiscount. There is no minimum limitrequired and any discount you areable to extend will be greatlyappreciated.
  4. 4. A World of Discounts “Let’s get United!”
  5. 5. A World of Discounts “Let’s get United!”
  6. 6. Options “Let’s get United!”Gold PackageSilver PackageBronze Package
  7. 7. Who Qualifies “Let’s get United!” A company representativewill meet with you to discuss everything in more detail!
  8. 8. “Let’s get United!”