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Do More 24 How to Register & Set Up Nonprofit Profile


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This slide deck will walk through the use of the new CiviCore platform for nonprofits participating in this year's Do More 24 online giving day.

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Do More 24 How to Register & Set Up Nonprofit Profile

  1. 1. Do More 24 Site Use HOW TO REGISTER, BUILD OUT AN ENGAGING ORGANIZATION PROFILE, AND MANAGE PEER-TO-PEER CAMPAIGNS. Powered by CiviCore Joe O’Brien Giving Project/Product Manager
  3. 3. setting up your profile Powered by CiviCore
  4. 4. Registration Process If you are new this year: Head to Fill out the registration form You will hear back regarding your approval/denial via email Once approved, log in to start building your organization’s profile! If you are returning: Your user and organization information have been ported to the new platform! Head to Hit “forgot password?” Log in and start editing your organization’s profile! Powered by CiviCore
  5. 5. Registration Process Some things to note: If after entering your EIN you receive a message indicating it is already taken, your organization is already on file. You must log in using the old email address, or contact to regain access.
  6. 6. Registration Process Some things to note: If you are uncertain whether or not you participated last year, try entering your organization’s EIN in the registration form. If you receive the error, your organization is already in the system.
  7. 7. Setting Up Your Profile In order to fully set up your profile, you need to fill out a few areas. 1. Edit your profile – Add a logo, mission statement, testimonials, and set up a custom URL 2. Add users – Add any other users you would like to have access to your account 3. Add donation levels – Custom donation levels donors can choose quickly at checkout 4. Add multimedia – Add photos and Youtube videos that will scroll across your profile 5. Submit for approval! Powered by CiviCore
  8. 8. setting up your profile Powered by CiviCore
  9. 9. Setting Up Your Profile – Basic Information 1. Editing your organization's basic information: • Fill out all required fields! • The more detail the better • Indicate if you have matching funds and specify an amount • You can always come back later to make changes • You must complete this step by filling in all required fields in order for your profile to be published to the live site Powered by CiviCore
  10. 10. setting up your profile Powered by CiviCore
  11. 11. Setting Up Your Profile – Basic Information Things to note: • Once your profile has been approved and is live on the site, you can come back and make edits in real time • Most edits appear immediately on the main site ◦ Changes to logos and images or your custom URL can take up to an hour to process Powered by CiviCore
  12. 12. Setting Up Your Profile – Adding Users 2. Adding users: • Click “Add a new user” • Fill out user details • Set a temporary password for the user • Direct the new user to the log in screen and to hit “Forgot Password?” in order to input their own secure password • They will then have the same access to make changes as you! • Users can also indicate whether or not they would like to receive email notifications Powered by CiviCore
  13. 13. Setting Up Your Profile – Adding Users Powered by CiviCore
  14. 14. Setting Up Your Profile – Donation Levels 3. Custom donation levels: • Donation levels appear as buttons on the checkout page which allow donors to choose from pre-filled levels identified by you • Enter the amount you would like the button to show • Enter a label for the donation level to give context • See your list of donation levels and choose which to show and which to hide • By default, all organizations will have the following donation levels: ◦ $24, $48, $124, $240, and $480 with no description labels Powered by CiviCore
  15. 15. Setting Up Your Profile – Donation Levels Powered by CiviCore
  16. 16. Powered by CiviCore
  17. 17. Setting Up Your Profile – Donation Levels Things to note: • We recommend keeping the number of donation levels at five or less for maximum effect and best user experience • You will not be able to preview donation levels – that area of the public website is locked until scheduled donations begin • Donors can always opt to give a custom amount! Powered by CiviCore
  18. 18. Setting Up Your Profile – Adding Multimedia 4. Adding multimedia: • Add images and Youtube videos • Images and videos will show up as a scroller on your organization’s profile page • Please note: if you make changes to existing images (i.e. replace image A with image B) it can take up to one hour for the system to process the request ◦ However, new images or videos should show up immediately Powered by CiviCore
  19. 19. Powered by CiviCore
  20. 20. Powered by CiviCore
  21. 21. Setting Up Your Profile – Approval 5. Getting approved: • Once you are ready to publish your site live, hit the “Submit for Approval” button • Depending on the current status of your organization in the system, you will receive one of two prompts: • 1. Automatic approval – your organization is a member organization of the United Way and in good standing, or you are a new participant this year. Your profile is now live on the site! • 2. Manual approval – your organization participated last year but a staff member from Do More 24 needs to verify that your information is still current and your eligibility is in good standing. Your profile will not be live until this verification is complete. Powered by CiviCore
  22. 22. Campaigns – Managing P2P Campaigns About campaigns: • Donors can create peer-to-peer campaign pages on your behalf! • Campaigns are listed on the right side of your public profile • Like organizations, donors create a campaign page and request approval to participate • Your organization must approve all campaigns before they are published live ◦ Campaigns that are not approved before the giving event will not appear and will not be eligible to raise funds Powered by CiviCore
  23. 23. Powered by CiviCore
  24. 24. Powered by CiviCore
  25. 25. Powered by CiviCore
  26. 26. For Donors: P2P Campaign Creation Process Donors can create campaigns for any organization listed on the live site by following these steps: 1. Navigate to 2. Search for their favorite participating organization 3. Click on “Help us fundraise” 4. Set up a donor account 5. Fill out campaign page details and submit for approval 6. Receive notification that the campaign has been approved 7. Get the word out! Powered by CiviCore
  27. 27. Donor account features: • Donor accounts allow a donor the ability to access additional functionality including: ◦ Create peer-to-peer campaign pages ◦ See and download their donation history ◦ See and modify their upcoming scheduled gifts ◦ Save and modify payment profiles ◦ Choose “favorite” organizations that they can revisit from year to year • Note: Donors are not required to create an account – they can always donate as a guest For Donors: P2P Campaign Creation Process Powered by CiviCore
  28. 28. For Donors: Account Creation Process 4. Setting up an account: When a donor hits the “Help us fundraise” button, it will prompt them to log in or create an account Powered by CiviCore
  29. 29. Powered by CiviCore
  30. 30. Things to note: • Organization users will receive an email notification with details of a newly submitted campaign • Campaign creators will receive an email once their campaign has been approved • Once approved, the campaign will appear publicly alongside your organization • Note: If your organization has more than two campaigns, the system will randomly select two campaigns to highlight when a donor lands on your organization page • Note: Once approved, campaign creators can share their unique URL and start generating interest and support for your organization! For Donors: P2P Campaign Creation Process Powered by CiviCore
  31. 31. Q & A Powered by CiviCore