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United Voters of India is an association of people who understand the need for good governance by coming together to form a voting block.

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  1. 1. Ever felt helpless about the various issues that our country is facing?
  2. 2. Wondered if your lone voice would make a difference to the existing Indian political situation?
  3. 3. Then this is your time to be a partof a change, a change for a better nation.
  4. 4. UVI : United Voters of IndiaUVI, is an association of peoplewho understand the need forGOOD GOVERNANCETHROUGH PARTICIPATION.
  5. 5. UVI: StrategyUVI encourages individual voters to come together and VOTEAS A BLOC. In India, voting blocs are generally ALIGNED ALONG CASTE AND RELIGION. What’s missing is a voting bloc of people  who think long term,  who want honest policymakers and  who understand the need for good policies. UVI is that voting bloc.
  6. 6. How does it make a difference?A VOTING BLOCAMPLIFIES THE POWEROF AN INDIVIDUAL VOTERby making sure thatthe votes of the membersof the voting blocare not split amongvarious candidates.
  7. 7. How does UVI work? 3 step process1. To join this voluntary initiative one has to first sign up with UVIand become a member.2. The members of UVI can then debate,discuss through a forum within the siteand make an informed choice to elect the best candidate,through a preliminary online voting system.3. And finally, in the real election, all the members are honour boundto vote for this candidate, regardless of the member’s preferences.
  8. 8. Requirements for becoming a UVI member1. The member solemnly agreesto vote at elections. 2. The member agrees to vote for thecandidate that the associationcollectively decides to support.
  9. 9. UVI is the answer to all your unanswered questions, aboutrealizing the dream of makingIndia a nation you the way you have always dreamt of.
  10. 10. Join the mission Sign up now